French of the world. Will the Covid-19 get the better of international mobility?

Florence Dumontier: “The people we have in our portfolios are fairly anchored and hooked”. (AGNES DHERBEYS)

Of course, there are fewer departures and proposals abroad than before the start of the pandemic. There is a slight decline, but the most motivated are holding on, assures Florence Dumontier, director of Europe and international relations at Pôle Emploi:

“The people that we have in our portfolios are quite anchored and hooked. When a job seeker has this project to go abroad, it is often close to his heart, enough to continue working him, even if, between -time, he can take another job in France. “

Because the offers are fewer, a little less than three million on the European site Eures against four million before the Covid-19. There are a few opportunities in Canada, especially in industry and the construction sector, provided the recruiter performs the necessary procedures.

Florence Dumontier: & nbsp; "There are quite a few offers in Luxembourg, Romania, Great Britain or Portugal "& nbsp;
Florence Dumontier: “There are quite a few jobs in Luxembourg, Romania, Great Britain and Portugal” (Pôle Emploi)

Neither Asia, nor the United States, nor Africa, international mobility is now refocusing on Europe, notes Florence Dumontier:

There are quite a few offers in Luxembourg, Romania, Great Britain or Portugal, for both bakers and engineers, we cover a very good pallet. We even received requests from Finland, in Lapland, for the end of year celebrations, linked to tourism.

Florence Dumontier, Director of Europe and International Relations at Pôle Emploi

Problem, even in Europe, the situation changes from day to day: “We must put ourselves on standby: a closed border can be reopened the next day and vice versa. Consult the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for all travel advice. For some countries, the emigration process is more complicated The European Commission has set up the site who will inform you: is there a quarantine? Do I need a test? The information is updated daily. “

Today, international mobility is multiple and the golden status of the expatriate, stricto sensu, is disappearing: “Now, many contracts are local, even in very large companies, for example with negotiations on the payment of pension and social protection contributions.”

The objective of Employment center is to follow 10,000 unemployed people motivated by an experience abroad. Today we are at 7,400. There is still room left! “By registering with us, details Florence Dumontier, a job seeker can ask to benefit from a follow-up by the teams which will help him to mature his project, so that, when the border opens or when the conditions are met, it goes away immediately. You can learn languages, learn about the country, or get interviews by videoconference. “

Florence Dumontier finally advises to take an interest in VIE, international volunteering in companies, which each year allows thousands of young people to acquire their first experience abroad.

Write to him:

"Now a lot of contracts are local, even in very large companies "
“Now, many contracts are local, even in very large companies” (Pôle Emploi)

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