French film studios restore their image

REPORT – Lagging behind their European rivals, France’s platforms are scrambling and offering the latest technologies to meet the influx of orders. Objective: to seduce Americans and keep French productions

Special envoy to Martigues (Bouches-du-Rhône)

Facing the strategic oil reserves on the other side of the Caronte channel, the gate opens slowly. With movement, the hero of Breaking Bad, painted fresco, goes to… prison. The Marseille portrait painter Zen has a sense of humor. Once in, it feels like Hollywood. Studios stand as far as the eye can see over 22 hectares. A morgue, a court and a prison are available on a “ready to go” basis. In the square, sits the same water tower as in Bagdad Café. “Soon a King Kong will come and encircle him with his arms”, confides the master of the place, Olivier Marchetti, CEO of Provence Studios, in Martigues, where The Tuche 2, Taxi 5, Gaston Lagaffe and many series. Here, the filmmakers shoot against a green background, do motion capture and can even test a revolutionary virtual studio. Olivier Marchetti, entrepreneur from the South who comes from logistics, entered the business only four years ago, first

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