French cinema: the bottom line of the advance on receipts

INVESTIGATION – Gas factory or virtuous system? This French device allows a director to receive substantial financial assistance. They are 8% in this case for 92% disappointed. Plunge into the mysteries of a commission suspected of favoring those who have “the card”.

In one of the first scenes of Summer visitors, Valeria Bruni Tedeschi goes to a National Film Center (CNC) audition after putting on a tracksuit top over her dress “To make it less rich”. It is a question of convincing the commission to grant him the advance on receipts for his new feature film (vertiginous mise en abyme). Among the members gathered around a table, a lady asks him: “What’s the difference between this movie and the other three you’ve made?”, then tell it in one sentence. The actress-director evokes the death of her brother and bursts into tears. It is not known what outfit Valeria Bruni Tedeschi wore on the day of her audition for her new project, Almond trees, but we know that his big oral was held in distance and that it allowed him to win the advance on receipts before realization.

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The financial aid that producers are running after

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