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Freedom, rights, State, Cournot or Diderot on the program of the philosophy test

After the specialty tests in mid-May, it’s time for philosophy, one of the few remaining written tests from the old baccalaureate. For four hours, the 523,199 high school students in the general and technological series had to work this Wednesday, June 15, on one of the three subjects offered, two of dissertation and one of text explanation.

For the dissertation, candidates in the general stream had the choice between “Do artistic practices transform the world? » and “Is it up to the state to decide what is fair? ». The explanation relates to a text by Antoine-Augustin Cournot entitled Essay on the foundations of our knowledge and on the characteristics of philosophical criticismpublished in 1851.

High schools in technological streams have had to decide between “Does freedom consist in obeying no one? » and “Is it right to defend your rights by all means? ». And a text explanation on an excerpt from The encyclopedia by Diderot.

“New formula” baccalaureate

In 2021, due to the Covid-19 epidemic, adjustments had been made. Candidates had a choice of four subjects. They could also keep their continuous assessment mark (average of the marks obtained during the school year) if it turned out to be better than that obtained during the final test.

This year the philosophy test takes place in the format of the reformed baccalaureate, desired by the former Minister of National Education Jean-Michel Blanquer. Philosophy represents a coefficient of 4 for candidates for the technological baccalaureate and a coefficient of 8 for candidates for the general baccalaureate (out of a total of 100).


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