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Free periodic coverage for students at the start of the next school year

Periodic protection will be free at the start of the next school year for all students, the Minister of Higher Education, Frédérique Vidal, announced on Tuesday February 23. A decision that is part of the fight against the precariousness of young people.

In the coming weeks, the university residences of the Crous and the university health services will be equipped with distributors of hygienic protections, announced the minister during a meeting in Poitiers with students. “We are aiming for 1,500 distributors and complete free admission at the start of the school year”, she added. These protections will be “Environmentally friendly”.

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This announcement comes as the minister has appeared on the front line in recent days, after the controversy sparked by her outings on Islamo-leftism. Seeming in a hurry to turn the page, she has been hammering since “Priority is the student’s question”.

One third of female students need help

The free periodical protection in higher education was decided after a consultation work between the minister and various actors (parliamentarians, representative student organizations, or the association Elementary Rules), specified Frédérique Vidal.

According to a study carried out by the Federative Association of Poitiers Students and the National Association of Midwifery Students in February, a third of students need help to be able to purchase periodic protection. Until now in France, initiatives existed but often remained local. At the beginning of February, the Ile-de-France region, for example, announced that the universities and student residences in the region would soon be equipped with free distributors of periodic organic protection.

Aid for young people

This measure is in addition to other measures taken in favor of young people, hard hit by the health crisis. In January, Emmanuel Macron announced the creation of a “Psy check” for students and the setting up of two meals a day for one euro in U.

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Advances “Insufficient” in the eyes of organizations like the UNEF, which calls for an emergency plan of 1.5 billion euros, starting with an immediate increase in stock markets and APL as well as the establishment of a safety net social for all students.


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