Free Guy, Simple Passion, Paw Patrol… The films to see or avoid this week at the cinema

A blockbuster video game, the autopsy of a toxic love and police puppies… What should we see this week? The editorial selection of the Figaro.

To have

Berlin Alexanderplatz , a drama by Burhan Qurbani, 3:03

Burhan Qurbani transposes Berlin Alexanderplatz to contemporary times. Francis escaped drowning in the Mediterranean. This Bissau-Guinean migrant lost his companion in the shipwreck and landed in Germany without papers. He is haggard, lost, does not speak the language. This mirrored cupboard lands in an unsanitary home where sad whores try to relieve the poor occupants, land a job on a construction site. This slow descent is filmed with an energy, a power that has something Shakespearean, implacable, expressionist, and sometimes a touch of emphasis. Redemption does not exist, even in movies, even in German. Ouch, we come out of there stunned, washed out. What a shock ! É. NOT.

You can see

Simple Passion , a drama by Danielle Arbid, 1h39

The novel Simple Passion, by Annie Ernaux, published in 1992, accurately told the story of a woman devoured by love and sexual ardor. By appropriating this text with its sulphurous aura, the Lebanese director Danielle Arbid could have burnt her wings. It is not so. Like a fantasy film with a dreamlike and dangerous atmosphere, the director of Afraid of nothing stages the intoxication of sensual passion between Lætitia Dosch and the star dancer Sergei Polunin (always on the verge of antipathy). This sensitive and disturbing film describes in a fascinating way the autopsy of toxic love. It is in this that he has the force of evidence. And for that he bothers. OD

Free Guy , an action film by Shawn Levy, 1h55

In a video game, weapons in hand, the avatars of players hidden behind their screens are agitated. And then there are the others, these background characters who make up figuration to populate these virtual universes. Guy is one of them. Until the day he crosses paths with MolotovGirl, a biker-like player. The only big Hollywood production of the summer not to be based on an existing franchise or brand, the comedy leaves the impression of smooth, generic entertainment. Your willingness to go until the end of the game will ultimately depend on your level of benevolence towards Ryan Reynolds and your appreciation of video games. CJ

What’s left , a drama by Anne Zohra Berrached, 1h59

1990s, Germany. A Turkish student falls under the spell of one of her Lebanese comrades. Religion does not leave them in peace. The camera swings along with these juvenile hearts. A turnaround is supposed to transfigure this romantic chronicle. He only half manages it. BP

Paw Patrol – The movie, an animated film by Cal Brunker, 1h26

Aspen, Tom Cruise. A little boy surrounded by six rescue dogs (who talk) overcomes impossible missions on land and in the air. Starting by saving a truck stuck on a bridge. Big screen adaptation of a Canadian cartoon broadcast by us on TF1, Paw Patrol is neither original nor unpleasant. The cute little mutts are better armed than the Mossad and drive supersonic vehicles. Their gadgets should make toddlers dizzy. And so the smile on the toy sellers … BP

To avoid

Red , a thriller by Farid Bentoumi, 1h28

A nurse discovers that the factory where her father works dumps toxic products into nature. They argue, she cries. And once more. The scenario remains sadly clean. Some common places make you want to drink heavy metals from the neck. Fortunately, there is the talent of Zita Hanrot, Sami Bouajila and Thierry Rousset. BP

Sentimental , a dramatic comedy by Cesc Gay, 1h22

At night, the neighbors upstairs make noises that are hardly confusing in nature. The two couples meet for an explanation that does not come up. The tension is growing. Madame walks around naked so that her opposite will see her. Monsieur squints on the breasts of the ladies in the elevator. This lazy and poorly written sitcom puts on the clichés. It is not Yasmina Reza who wills. É. S.


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