Free delivery of chip ID when people change their receiving address

In case the recipient of the chip-tied citizen ID is not at the address, returns to his hometown to avoid the epidemic or is “stuck” in an epidemic area and has a need to receive CCCD at a new address, Vietnam Post will coordinate to verify and organize the delivery. free of charge.

The Vietnam Post Corporation (Vietnam Post) said that this postal enterprise has been implementing comprehensive plans to support people to receive chip-based Citizen Identity Card (CCCD).

In fact, the return of CCCD cards to people by post is also affected by many factors by strict regulations in ensuring safety for epidemic prevention and control when the 4th wave of Covid-19 epidemic has severe consequences. complex developments on a large scale.

Since the epidemic has cooled down and social distancing has been loosened, the entire Vietnam Post network is working hard to deliver the chip-based CCCD to people as quickly as possible.

Vietnam Post has mobilized 100% of its force to deliver CCCD cards with chips to people as quickly as possible.

As of November 15, the delivery of CCCD with chip has been basically completed, only a small number of CCCD cards have not been delivered to the people, possibly due to cases where people are not present. address registered to receive, change phone number or go to work far away, return home to avoid epidemics, get stuck in epidemic areas, residential areas are still in the red and orange zones….

With that in mind, Vietnam Post has developed appropriate scenarios to ensure immediate delivery of CCCD to people in the new normal.

Specifically, for orange and yellow areas, the post offices of provinces and cities will contact local authorities and recipients to have a method of delivery to ensure maximum safety to the recipient. For the red zone, the Post Office will organize delivery as soon as the quarantine and blockade period expires.

In particular, for cases where people have left their old address, moved their place of residence, returned to their hometown or moved to another locality, the Post Office will work closely with the police to verify and contact the person. receive and organize free delivery to the recipient at the new address upon request.

In addition, people can contact the hotline 1900 54 54 81 or go to the nearest post office for assistance in transferring their citizen ID card to the address., representative of Vietnam Post for more information.

The delivery of CCCD with chip to the recipient’s address is done by Vietnam Post at the voluntary request of the people through the public postal service network.

During the previous campaign to issue 50 million new CCCD cards with chip chips, Vietnam Post regularly worked closely with the Public Security Department as well as functional forces to organize the receiving of demand and quickly deliver CCCD to people’s hands. Up to the first week of November, Vietnam Post has delivered CCCD chip cards to people across the country with a rate of 97%.

In which, Post Offices of Nghe An, Vinh Long, Thai Binh, Hanoi, Ninh Binh, Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh City, Vinh Phuc, Thanh Hoa … have completed delivery of CCCD with chip with high rate. Many other post offices in other provinces and cities are also making efforts to speed up the delivery of CCCDs as soon as they are received from the police.

Van Anh

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