Fraudulent EMS postman tricked into appropriating customer property

Request a transfer to appropriate the COD collection

The Postal Service Corporation (referred to as EMS Corporation for short) has just issued a warning about the phenomenon of some objects impersonating postmen and employees of the business to scam people.

Specifically, this courier business has received some feedback from customers and people about receiving calls from many strange phone numbers claiming to be postmen / EMS staff calling out to receive goods and have to pay. or pay a sum.

Accordingly, the subjects notify the recipient about an EMS postage/itemlet with a COD amount collected on behalf of the recipient. However, the information about the goods, the name and address of the sender is not informed or is not clear. If the recipient is not present at the receiving address, the subject will ask the recipient to transfer the collection amount or ask someone else to pay and receive the goods for him.

To build trust, the subjects knew very well information such as the recipient’s name, phone number, home/work address, and pressed the recipient on the delivery time. Objects often use junk SIM to contact, transaction location information is often not fixed, there is constant change.

Usually, the amount of money collected on behalf of COD for each post is not large, leading to victims ignoring and not reporting to the competent authorities. “Taking advantage of that, this scam has been practiced by the subjects for many years and is continuing to flourish in some localities across the country, especially in rural and mountainous areas.”EMS Corporation information.

According to EMS Corporation, the act of impersonating a postman to trick people into appropriating people’s property affects the reputation of the business. (Illustration)

Another new form of fraud is being used by the subjects, according to the warning of EMS Corporation, which is impersonating a delivery business to call to notify customers that there is a parcel sent or related to the outgoing post. overseas via international EMS courier service. The contents of the postal items contained prohibited goods, so the items were seized by the customs/police, under investigation.

After that, the subjects will threaten, ask the recipient to transfer money to them so that the goods can be cleared, and provide the ID card number / citizen identification, personal information to transfer the police to cooperate in the investigation. . Because of anxiety, gullibility or lack of information, many people have transferred money to scammers easily. Many customers caught off guard have been scammed, appropriating property.

How to recognize fraud

The verification process showed that the E1 bill of lading numbers provided by the fraudulent customer had absolutely no information on the postal locator lookup system of EMS Corporation. This means that the items do not use the EMS courier service. In addition, the phone numbers that the scammers use to contact customers are not the phone numbers of the postman/postal staff/EMS.

According to EMS Corporation, for EMS parcels using COD collection service, postal staff only notify about the order and expected delivery time, do not require customers to transfer the amount in advance. COD to receive the goods. Only when receiving the goods does the customer have to pay. Delivery will be done directly at the recipient’s address or at the post office of the post office.

For international EMS postal items, in case the items have problems related to customs procedures, EMS Corporation will contact customers by landline number to request customers to supplement documents according to the regulations. requirements of state agencies. “Under no circumstances do we ask customers to transfer money to any employee’s personal account. In case it is necessary to pay tax online for postal items, customers will transfer money to the State Bank or EMS Corporation’s account according to the declared customs declaration information.a representative of EMS Corporation said.

Each validly issued EMS parcel will correspond to 1 waybill code. Customers can look up the bill of lading code on the website or The information displayed on the bill of lading will have all the information fields of the sender and recipient, the post office accepts it…

In addition, another sign that helps customers avoid scams is that the delivery staff or postmen are all wearing uniforms, wearing employee ID cards of EMS, Vietnam Post, and other means of delivery. brand identity logo of EMS, Vietnam Post.

EMS Corporation recommends that people when detecting an individual committing fraud, taking advantage of trust, fraudulently appropriating property should immediately go to the nearest police agency to report to support and handle promptly. time.

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