Françoise Fabian sees life in “pink”

The 87-year-old actress plays the role of a woman who looks like her in Aurélie Saada’s first film as a director. Report from an actress whose energy remains intact.

“Closed!”, displays the slate of Bellerive, quai de la Seine, in Paris. Today’s menu, “Salmon steak with roasted vegetables and gratin dauphinois”, is written on the glass of the brewery for the purposes of filming Pink, with Françoise Fabian in the role of a widow folded over her grief. “I wanted an old-fashioned bistro”, specifies Aurélie Saada, the singer of the duo Brigitte of which it is the first film. “The decor is very Covid”, observes Cyril at the control room, promoted to Covid referent. “I caught it, I have antibodies”, points out the director.

The cafe chairs are stacked outside. “Are there any known actors?”, asks Béatrice, a local resident. She remembers that she once saw Charlotte Gainsbourg on this side of the La Villette basin during the filming of Michel Gondry’s film The Science of Sleep. Inside the Bellerive, a helmet on, Aurélie Saada gives her instructions. Sarah, elegant Aure Atika, invited her mother Rose, alias Françoise Fabian, to lunch.

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