François Ozon and Isabelle Adjani at the opening of the Berlin Film Festival

The 2022 edition of the Berlinale will begin on February 10 with Peter Von Kant, new film from the French director. The event was kept in a shortened format.

Director François Ozon has the honors, for the sixth time, of the Berlin Film Festival. Accompanied by Isabelle Adjani, he will present for his latest film, Peter Von Kant, at the opening of this 72nd edition. The event is placed under the sign of the pandemic, maintained but shortened by half: it will take place from February 10 to 16 in the German capital.

We are particularly happy to welcome François Ozon back to the festival and to open the next edition with his film“, announced the management of the Berlinale. For the opening, we looked for a film that could bring lightness and momentum to our gloomy daily life.» The film by François Ozon, Peter Von Kant, will be presented in the official selection on the evening of the opening ceremony on February 10, and will be the only one to be screened in the huge hall of the Palais des Festivals due to German health restrictions.

In illustration, a scene from the film peter von kant by François Ozon interpreted by Isabelle Adjani and Denis Ménochet. Credits: Diaphana Distribution

François Ozon’s latest film is a “free adaptation» feature film Petra Von Kant’s Bitter Tearsby German director Rainer Werner Fassbinder. “A cinematic tour de force through the concept of lockdown (confinement)which not only pays homage to the original film but to Fassbinder himself and in doing so delivers with his usual irony a very personal and mischievous self-portrait“, estimates the direction of the festival. The film brings together German actress Hanna Schygulla, one of Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s muses, as well as Isabelle Adjani and Denis Ménochet.

The French director returns this year to a festival that is familiar to him. 22 years ago, he presented his feature film there Water drops on hot stones. In 2001, eight women is consecrated by a collective interpretation prize and the jury prize was awarded in 2019 to Thanks to God.

A completely redesigned 72nd edition

We want to make the Berlinale possible and send a strong signal to the film industry and culture in general“, indicated Claudia Roth, Minister of Culture of the federal government, welcoming the continuation of the event. “We need cinema, we need culture. We will do so with all the necessary precautions given the current dynamism of the epidemic.“, she added.

While the previous edition took place exclusively online, this 72nd festival has chosen to maintain part of the physical event, shortened to 5 days instead of 10. The film market will take place exclusively online. . Only the opening ceremony on February 10 will take place in the majestic Palais des Festivals. For the awards ceremony, it will take place in the evening on February 16, and that of the Golden Lion of Honor, awarded to the French Isabelle Huppert, will take place the day before in a select committee.


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