François Asselin, president of the CPME, asks the government to “reactivate support measures”

Companies are diving again. The rebound of the epidemic leads to the cancellation of some gatherings. In particular, companies in the events sector are losing orders. “Eco guest” of franceinfo, François Asselin, president of the CPME, asks the government to “reactivate support measures“.

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“It will be necessary to support“these companies, he insists, face “the fact that customers desert and cancel shows, the fact that we no longer travel, that a caterer sees his reservations drop“. “They can only get by if, simply, we reactivate support measures that existed previously”, believes François Asselin. The leader asks that these companies can “postpone the repayment of the loan guaranteed by the State”. He also wants the solidarity fund to be reactivated to “those who will have no income”.

In the United States, New York City makes vaccination mandatory for all employees in the private sector. In France, some professional organizations are also asking for it. This is the case, for example, for hoteliers and restaurateurs from the UMIH and GNI, “if new sanitary restrictions were to be taken”. Does CPME support this request? “I think we have to deal with this question by sector”, answers François Asselin. “For establishments which receive the public, one can indeed ask the question of compulsory vaccination for staff “, he said.

The president of the CPME notes that already “the constraints on those who are not vaccinated are very important“, he said.”When you want to live normally, you almost have to get tested every day, emphasizes François Asselin. Then you will always have a pocket of diehards who are against the vaccine. Even if you made it mandatory, I don’t know if they would get vaccinated. “

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