Franck Dubosc and Fabien Onteniente mourn the Flots Bleus campsite destroyed by the flames

The mythical campsite staged by Fabien Onteniente has been the victim of the violent fires that have been devouring the Gironde for more than a week.

“Today Patrick is crying”. On social networks, Franck Dubosc, interpreter of the vacationer in the pink tank top and blue swimming trunks in the saga Campingshares his emotion following the fire that destroyed the Flots Bleus campsite, a filming location for the films directed by Fabien Onteniente.

Located a few meters from the Dune du Pilat, in Gironde, the campsite had to be evacuated a few days earlier due to the violent fires that have been ravaging the region for more than a week already. Monday July 18, while images of the flames and the devastated surrounding campsites swarm on the networks, the actor Franck Dubosc published a photo of his character, looking pained, with a message: “Today Patrick is crying… To all my camper friends, Girondins, firefighters.” On Twitter, he adds: “We will rebuild our campsite.”

Five campsites destroyed “90%”

Fabien Onteniente, director of the three parts of Camping also expressed his emotion on Monday, July 18. “Reunion with friends… in this place that is so dear to us. Strength and support for firefighters. Thoughts to the inhabitants », he wrote on Twitter, accompanying his message with a photo with Franck Dubosc in Biscarrosse. With, in the background, a thick black cloud…

The filmmaker also confided in the microphone of RTL the same evening: “I am devastated by this tragedy, not just for the Flots Bleus campsite, moreover, since there are five campsites around. There is that of a friend, who was right next door, who was in tears this afternoon.

According to information from The Dispatch the five campsites surrounding the Dune du Pilat have indeed been “90% destroyed” by the flames. In total, 19,300 hectares have gone up in smoke in the fires in Gironde for a week. Tuesday, July 19, 2000 firefighters were still mobilized in the region.


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