franceinfo seniors. The main obstacle to hiring for seniors is … being a senior

More than 80% of people looking for work find it difficult to return to work after 50 years. (STEPHEN ZEIGLER / THE IMAGE BANK RF)

TeePy Job connects companies with a shortage of skilled labor with available seniors who are active and specialized in their professions.

Businesses were facing recruiting challenges and retirees themselves were struggling economically. It is not about troubleshooting, DIY, gardening or childcare, but to use the professional expertise and know-how of young retirees.

This platform offers both job o ffers and assignments for seniors, but also pro fi les for seniors looking for assignments.

TeePy is easy to use with fast, free registration. Once registered, you have access to job offers near you that will allow you to combine employment and retirement.

If you are a company and you are looking for experienced candidates, after a simple registration, publish your vacancy and quickly find the experienced senior candidate you need..

According to the opinion poll conducted by TeePy Job and among a sample of 1156 people aged 50 and over, seniors and active retirees

More than 80% of people looking for work find it difficult to return to work after 50 years. For 74%, this is primarily due to their age, much more than the Covid crisis.

The study underlines that seniors are the first affected by long-term unemployment.

– 46% of those looking for a job have been looking for more than a year.

– many feel that they do not have the digital skills.

Women, in particular, seem to be more affected by a lack of confidence and breaks in professional careers. They also feel it earlier: from 50 years old, against 55 years old, even 60 years old for men.

According to theTeepy Job and survey, seniors find themselves in a paradoxical situation with regard to employment: on the one hand, they have to work longer and on the other, employers are reluctant to recruit them.

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