franceinfo seniors. An alliance of companies dedicated to seniors

An alliance of companies at the service of seniors for good living and aging well. (SILVER ALLIANCE)

It was in June 2018 that Silver Alliance saw the day. Today, around thirty small, medium or large French companies have signed a charter serving seniors who want and can continue to live at home.

– Alliance members are benevolent to each other and to consumers.
– Loyalty must govern the practices and acts of each member internally and in their relationship with the consumer.
– The transparency of the information given by each member is total. Each member is committed to Silver Alliance to provide verifiable information, to respect the charter of values ​​and to offer the best quality of service to consumers.

– Each member undertakes to prescribe and / or market products and services which have proven their effectiveness, quality and safety, in particular with proven standards. In their activities and those of their service providers or subcontractors, each member ensures that quality work is carried out in compliance with the laws, standards in force and the rules of the art.
– Each member undertakes to reserve a privileged welcome to the consumer who could seek their advice and sometimes express difficulties of different kinds.

Ethics apply as much in the development of product and service solutions for consumers as between members.

– take advantage of my time
– increase my purchasing power
– make my house more comfortable
– live well at home
– simplify administrative life
– watch over my health

– purchases are more rational
– quality, accessibility, simplicity for payments
– proximity
– the adequacy of their ideas compared to new proposals …

Companies are attentive to the development and wishes of seniors. Seniors therefore force companies to adapt not only to themselves, but also to the rest of society.

The Silver Alliance 38 Club
The Silver Alliance 38 Club (SILVER ALLIANCE)

In the projects set up, Rêves de Seniors embodies the positive vision carried by Silver Alliance on aging. The objective of Rêves de Seniors is simple: to change the way society looks.

Silver Alliance in business with Care at Work.

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