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France secretly changed the color of its flag, the new flag reminds of the French Revolution

Republic of France: French President Emmanuel Macron has made changes to his country’s flag. He has made this change for the second time. Now the color of the French flag will be dark blue. Which is a symbol of the French Revolution in the past. France made this change in its flag without any prior notice a year ago. No one had noticed this change. He had not informed any country in this regard before making this change. In such a situation, many people are surprised that why France has not shared such important diplomatic information with other countries of the world.

Let us tell you that before this the color of the flag of France was light blue. This change was made in 1976 during the tenure of the then President Valery Giscard d’Estaing. The main purpose of that change was to match the French flag with the flag of the European Union. Now again the color of the flag will be according to its old color. According to a statement issued by the French presidential office, “The President of the Republic of France (Emmanuel Macro) made this change in 1914 in memory of his soldiers of the Second World War and his volunteers who took part in the Free France Revolution.”

French presidential palace ‘Elysée Palace’ According to director Arnaus Jollens, “We are going to hoist this flag on the Elysee Palace now and from tomorrow this flag will be hoisted on all the buildings of the Presidency.” It is worth noting, earlier in 2018, that President Macron changed the logo of the Presidency and added Lorraine cross to it. The Lorraine Cross is also known as the Patriarchal Cross in France and European countries.

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