France, Reminiscence, Les Sorcières d’Akelarre… The films to see or avoid this week at the cinema

The new Bruno Dumont, a futuristic fable and Basque sorcerers. What to see this week? The editorial selection of the Figaro.

You can see

The Land of Men , a drama by Naël Marandin, 1h36

This is his land. Spread the word. He defends her. If necessary, it will be with rifle shots. Bernard (Olivier Gourmet) is not joking. This Burgundian farmer is at his wit’s end. The family farm is drowning in debt. Fortunately, the girl wants to take up the torch. Constance has ethics and ideas. It’s time to change. She is counting on Sylvain’s support, apparently not a bad guy. Sylvain will not really keep his promises, but he will take advantage of his position to seduce Constance. She files a rape complaint.

Naël Marandin plunges his heroine, who struggles to avoid judicial liquidation, in an endless imbroglio. The director does not tell this episode with big black lines. He turns it into a slow-motion tragedy, describes the hushed negotiations between buyers of cattle, lingers on subtle power struggles, scrutinizes cooperative intrigues. Diane Rouxel, who was already lighting up Voluntary , by Hélène Fillières, swaps the uniform for rubber boots. Alone against all, she carries at arm’s length this descent into hell in a daily life that is less and less rosy. Life goes on. It will never taste the same again. IN.

The Witches of Akelarre , a drama by Pablo Agüero, 1h 32

Strange that this language rolled up of “x” and “k” and these traditions where one dances and one sings in front of the moon. At 17e century, the vultures of the Inquisition turn around the Basque coast and fall on the shepherdesses. They are destitute, their husbands are at sea. From this sinister chapter of history, the director Pablo Agüero imagines a nervous thriller, as if he had seized on a contemporary news item. A bunch of mischievous young women – but not in the sense that these dark judges understand – are put on the dock.

The camera is sharp, we are at their side. They are tortured. They are stunned with sermons. The director places two discourses face to face: the cold and rhetorical intelligence of the madmen of God, the funny and sinuous fantasy of young women. The verb is ultimately their only witchcraft. Thanks to him, they put their finger on the flaw of these inquisitors: if they see the devil’s tail everywhere, it is because they dream of finding it. Their obsession reveals a perverse curiosity, which is accompanied by severe misogyny. Showing this is the great strength of this film, unfortunately too messy in places. BP

Reminiscence , thriller by Lisa Joy, 1h 56

In the lineage of her brother-in-law Christopher Nolan, the creator of Westworld imagine a technology that brings memories to life, making the past addictive. A peril faced by a private detective (Hugh Jackman). Unexpected reinterpretation of the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice, this futuristic fable offers scenes between reality and fantasy of a Miami submerged by the waves to burn its retina. Too bad the scenario falters on its end. CJ

Don’t Breathe 2 , a horror film by Rodolfo Sayagues, 1h39

A few years after the bloody twists and turns of the first installment, the Blind (Stephen Lang), a former elite retired American soldier, takes under his wing an orphan girl. When she gets kidnapped, the darker side of the veteran takes over. If Fede Álvarez left the helm of directing to his Uruguayan compatriot Rodolfo Sayagues, the creators of evil Dead – Sam Raimi and Robert Tapert – remain in production.

To avoid

France , a dramatic comedy by Bruno Dumont, 2h14

France de Meurs (Léa Seydoux) is the star presenter of a 24-hour news channel. We discover her asking a deceptively sassy question to Emmanuel Macron during a press conference at the Elysee (the montage creates a perfect illusion). Its producer, Lou (Blanche Gardin), hand-grafted laptop, eyes riveted on social networks, exults at the back of the room. “People love it, it’s going to be hot dick. ” The tone is set.

When she is not reporting in the field, France lives in an apartment with a rich nouveau decoration with a view of the Place des Vosges. There she meets a son left to himself and a despised husband (Benjamin Biolay), an anonymous writer with an income lower than his own. When France runs over a delivery man on a scooter, his popularity and confidence cracks. Dumont and comedy, that’s two. The filmmaker laughs when he burns himself. With France, which claims to pinpoint our contemporary turpitudes, the caricature of the allegory is embarrassing. S.S.

Miss marx , a drama by Susanna Nicchiarelli, 1h 47

When Karl Marx died, his daughter continued her fight for women’s rights and the abolition of child labor. Actress Romola Garai does not deserve but the costumes weigh heavily. Placing rock on your images to make it all modern is not enough. S.S.


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