Fragile: a pretty Les Beaux gosses-style comedy with a Marseille accent

CRITICAL – Full of sunshine, humor and good humor, Emma Benestan’s first film paints a portrait of the new lovemaking marivaudages of the Instagram generation with ease.

Here is an unpretentious comedy, but furiously endearing. And above all very funny … Brittle, Emma Benestan’s first film, lives up to its name.

This former editor of Abdelatif Kéchiche’s films wanted to stand on her own feet. She was right. By making a “teen movie»Sunny, shot between Sète and Marseille, it immediately summons the good humor and the light of the south of France.

The story features Az (Yasin Houicha), an oyster worker who lives in a relationship with a former colleague, Jessica (Tiphaine Daviot), who became an actress in a local detective series. More beautiful life.

No longer holding it, the hero proposes to her by hiding her engagement ring in an oyster, believing to refer to the favorite film of his sweetheart: Donkey Skin (with the famous sequence of the ring in the cake). Unfortunately, things will not go as planned … And the break will take place in due form.

Depressed, unhappy as stones, Az ends up following the advice of his childhood friend Lila (formidable Oulaya Amamra, already noticed in the film Divine) which pushes him to prepare a dance choreography (John Travolta way of the creeks) to better win back his sweetheart …

The plot of this adolescent vaudeville bathed in southern light is after all very classic. But this thwarted romance is constantly counterbalanced by a sparkling, schoolboy and benevolent humor.

When Az tells his grandmother that “His girlfriend wants a break”, the Granny, who does not have her tongue in her pocket, responds tit-for-tat: “Well?! She just has to save, and she buys it … What’s the problem?

Of course, nothing new under the sun … Saturday night fever has been there before. Yet we let ourselves embark in the endearing universe of Brittle. Nervous editing, rhythmic gags, funny lines, touching moments, this summer comedy seduces with its freshness and youthful appeal.

The relationships between the characters ring true. The dialogues are rather well written. And the flowery, inventive language, always slightly offbeat, often brings up a smile.

The new lovemaking of the Instagram generation

Around the hero, a galaxy of friends – each one more fun than the next – finishes putting this version of the Beautiful kids with the Marseille accent.

One of the members of this group of oyster farmers spends his life perishing, while tangling his brushes on the expressions he uses: “Our French is chastened and of high acrobatics”. Or : “If we organized an eloquence contest, we would put them all on the hook!”

Full of sun, humor and good humor, Brittle turns out a nice film that paints with ease the portrait of the new lovemaking in love with the Instagram generation.


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