FPT Shop fired an employee who stole data in customers’ MacBooks

FPT Shop said that this was a spontaneous act of an individual. The offending employee and line manager were fired.

On September 21, a social media user posted accusations that FPT Shop staff at 8 Lang Ha, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi had stolen sensitive information from customers.

Exchange with ZingMs. D.V, the owner of the stolen computer, said that she had been contacted by FPT Shop in the afternoon of the same day but could not agree on a solution. The female customer shared that she was very stressed and needed to rest after a period of crisis.

Responding to this case, FPT Shop affirmed that this is an individual employee’s spontaneous behavior.

FPT Shop is a member of the staff that has a good reputation 1

The post accused FPT Shop employees of stealing users’ sensitive data.

“The offending employee and line manager were fired. As for the fix, FPT’s technical director is working with Apple to retrieve iCloud, the hardware device where this employee transfers user data to erase the root. At the same time, we also compensate for the mental damage that customers have to bear,” replied the representative of FPT Shop Zing.

According to a post on a social network, on the afternoon of September 17, the account owner and a woman brought a MacBook Air computer to repair the touchpad (touchpad) at FPT Shop. Because the technical staff went to deliver the goods, the two had to leave the machine.

At 9pm on the same day, the woman received a notification that her social media account was logged in on the same computer that was sent at FPT Shop. This person immediately contacted the store technician to discuss the unusual login activity. At that time, FPT Shop staff assured that they did not intend to “rummage” customers’ personal information.

After the customer confronted the above technician, this person admitted to accessing the device owner’s social media accounts and sharing sensitive data about his personal phone. This information has been deleted immediately after the customer contact.

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