FPT.eSign – A remote digital signing solution that ‘pleases’ businesses

As one of the first 4 remote digital signing solutions licensed by the Ministry of Information and Communications, FPT.eSign is trusted by the top financial lenders and big banks in Vietnam.

In Vietnam, banking and finance are the “fastest” sectors in the “snap” of opportunities from the application of remote digital signature solutions, creating competitive advantages by increasing experience, shortening time time, minimizing costs. According to the observation of FPT Information System Company (FPT IS) – the developer of FPT.eSign solution, the speed of shifting to remote digital signing application is accelerating faster and faster with the number of transactions also not stop exponential growth because of the outstanding application benefits of the solution.

Security standard digital signature solution to meet large transaction volume

As a solution to provide digital signing services directly on mobile devices without using USB tokens or SIMs with cloud technology, the remote digital signing model allows customers to digitally sign transactions with organizations. , business according to the desired number of signings.

According to FPT IS experts, the digital signing service provider’s system needs to ensure stable operation even when there is a sudden spike in the number of transactions. This is also a decisive difference that businesses and organizations need to pay attention to first.

Digitally signing an electronic contract with a remote digital signature FPT.eSign

Mr. Le Viet Cuong, Director of FPT Digital Signature Authentication Service Center said, “Financial companies and banks are units with a large and continuous number of transactions. FPT.eSign solution has been proven in practice by providing a series of top companies in the field with a system designed to ensure tens of millions of transactions at the same time, averaging over one million at the same time. transactions/month. FPT.eSign integrates easily with scalability to meet the needs of a large number of transactions as well as the unlimited growth of the organization.”

The FPT.eSign remote digital signing solution strictly complies with the European eIDAS security policy and standards and the digital signing system is located in the Tier -3 international standard data center for information safety and security.

In addition, as a unit of over 10 years in the field of digital signatures with more than 80,000 customers, FPT IS possesses a “store” of real-world experience and understands diverse needs and application situations. With the integration of FPT.eSign in business flows, transactions between customers and banks, lending companies can shorten and cut working steps, creating a comprehensive digital experience journey. shorten decision-making time and significantly increase satisfaction.

FPT.eSign - A remote digital signing solution that 'pleases' businesses

Accompanying the journey from paper to mobile

In the past time, FE Credit is one of the pioneer organizations that decided to cooperate with FPT IS with FPT.eSign solution to reduce the paperwork process for customers, reduce the loan contract completion time from 2 -3 down to 10 minutes.

According to Ms. Dinh Thi Thu Hang – Head of Procurement Department – FE Credit: “FPT and FE Credit have solved the complete application of the signing business on the digital platform, customers are assured, the operation process is transparent and ensure the legality according to the provisions of Vietnamese law”.

A Vietnamese securities company during the quarantine period was determined to get closer to customers, increasing the number of securities trading account openings by 50% compared to the traditional form of account opening at the transaction office. FPT.eSign remote digital signing application. VIB, TP Bank, CIMB, Fe Credit, Momo, Vietinbank Insurance, Lotte Finance… have also trusted FPT.eSign as the solution to increase customer experience and conquer customer satisfaction.

Deploying FPT.eSign into the application process in the organization’s business flow is done simply through an API intermediate data exchange connection without investing in technology infrastructure.

It can be said that the application of remote digital signature in transforming the method of customer engagement is a logical strategic step in the organization’s long-term sustainable development strategy, providing a great opportunity to catch up with the trend. market and gain the advantage of breakthrough growth.

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