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Four year old girl went missing in 2019, now found under stairs in secret room

New York: A six-year-old girl missing for more than two years was found in a “dark and wet” makeshift room under the stairs at a home in the rural New York state. The US Police gave this information on Wednesday.

Police were reported missing Paislee Shultis at the age of four in 2019, at which time authorities suspected her biological parents, Kimberly and Kirk, of kidnapping the girl after losing custody of her. took. The girl was kept in “a secret place” more than 150 miles (240 km) from where she went missing.

Police obtained a search warrant for a house in the city of Spencer, New York. “The child was kept secretly in a makeshift room, under a closed staircase leading to the basement of the house, it took more than an hour to locate the child,” police said in a statement. “Upon removing the step board, the child and her kidnapper, Kimberly Cooper Shultis, were found hiding in a dark and wet enclosure,” police said.

The kidnappers cheated the police many times
Officials said they were puzzled as to how the kidnappers kept her hiding for so long. Police Chief Joseph Sinagra told CNN, “… We went to the house about a dozen times over a two-year period, for a follow-up on the lead. They lied to us for two years, including the father, saying they didn’t know. Where is his daughter?” The girl is in good health and no evidence of her abuse has been found. Local outlet CBS 2 reported that the girl requested police to buy McDonald’s Happy Meals for her.

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