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Brisk walking and yoga are one of the solutions to help people with low blood pressure relax the body and improve blood circulation.

Low blood pressure is a common problem in people of all ages. A blood pressure reading below 100/60 mmHg is considered low blood pressure. Many people often think that high blood pressure is the cause of dangerous complications, but in fact low blood pressure is also a cause for concern.

According to scientists, exercise is one of the simple ways to keep the body healthy and help increase blood circulation. Below are exercises to support people with low blood pressure.

Brisk walking

Walking is a simple sport that is easy to do. According to scientists, walking will help exercise the body gently, the muscles work but do not affect the ligaments and joints. For patients with low blood pressure, this exercise can also strengthen the vessel walls, improving the heart’s ability to push blood. Therefore, the patient should walk 5-10 minutes during the day. Once you get used to the intensity, you can gradually increase the time to 30 minutes a day.

Wall exercises

Legs up the wall exercise can help relax, blood circulation. This exercise does not require any equipment. You can practice anywhere in the house or even in bed. However, you should not exercise on a full stomach, but start exercising 45 minutes after eating. Elderly or weak people need to manipulate gently, avoid changing positions too suddenly.

Step 1: Choose a position close to the wall and lie down.

Step 2: Try to adjust the posture perpendicular to the wall, keep your legs and buttocks firmly pressed against the wall, hands down along the body. If you don’t have a mat, you can place a pillow under your back.

Step 3: Close your eyes and breathe steadily for about 10-15 minutes.

Step 4: Note that when lowering your legs, you need to bend your legs and bend your knees gently, slowly bend your body and head in the position of hugging your knees. Then relax your body, rest for a few seconds before sitting up.

Wall exercises allow the mind and body to relax and reduce stress. Image: Freepik


Some yoga poses can help people with low blood pressure improve blood circulation to the organs and stimulate the kidneys to produce a hormone that helps raise blood pressure, such as bending over (Uttanasana).

First, stand up straight, arms and shoulders relaxed, take a deep breath, and then raise your arms above your head. Then breathe lightly and bend your head forward. Each time you exhale, try to bend down deeper, your hands can relax or touch the ground. Hold the position for 30-60 seconds, then inhale, slowly bend your knees, stand up, return to the original position.

Notes when practicing

TS.BS Natasha Trentacosta – sports medicine specialist and orthopedic surgeon at Cedars Sinai Hospital (California, USA) shared in the newspaper LivestrongPeople with hypotension should change position slowly, such as standing up after performing exercises on the bench or the ground to prevent orthostatic hypotension.

Patients should also drink enough water based on their individual needs. Because when the body is dehydrated, it will aggravate low blood pressure, thereby appearing symptoms such as dizziness, fatigue, thirst and dry mouth.

If your low blood pressure is caused by heart disease, diabetes, or other serious conditions, you should take time to warm up to stabilize your heart rate. Then, gradually increase the intensity and reduce the speed if you notice symptoms such as weakness, unusual fatigue, irregular pulse, confusion or dizziness. At the end of the exercise, do more stretching or stretching exercises.

People with low blood pressure should exercise as often as they can; Do not try to practice, nor should you practice when hungry or immediately after eating.

Huyen My (According to Livestrong)


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