Four additional provinces have 8 additional cases of Covid-19 related to the Institute for Tropicalism

Noon 7/5, the Department of Health of Phu Tho, Nam Dinh confirmed each place a suspected infection related to the Central Institute of Tropical Diseases. In the morning, Bac Ninh recorded 4 cases, Hung Yen 2 cases related to this translation cluster.

These positive cases have not been recorded by the Ministry of Health, considered as suspected cases.

In Phu Tho, A 26-year-old female worker who used to care for a relative at the Central Hospital for Tropical Diseases, her test result on May 7 was positive for nCoV.

According to the Phu Tho Health Department, this person in Zone 2, Kim Duc, Viet Tri, is a worker at Namuga Technology Company Limited, Thuy Van Industrial Park, Viet Tri City. The Viet Tri City Medical Center and the Provincial Center for Disease Control took samples and tested 700 workers on the same work shift with this person at Namuga Co., Ltd. Tracing work of F1, F2, and F3 is being carried out. Initially, functional forces tracked 20 F1 and 196 F2 of suspected cases.

The province has blocked two residential areas where the suspect and her husband are living, areas 2 and 10, Kim Duc commune, iet Tri. Phu Tho stops activities such as restaurants, restaurants, exchange activities, culture, sports … in Viet Tri city.

On May 6, the Department of Health announced urgently all cases of inpatient visits or treatment, caregivers, visitors visiting patients at the Central Hospital for Tropical Diseases in facility 2 since On April 15 to now, urgently contact the nearest medical station or the Steering Committee for Covid-19 Prevention and Control of the commune, ward, town or community Covid team at the residence to make a medical report, for consultation. and support.

Hotline for advice: Department of Health of Phu Tho province 1800 9275, or Center for Disease Control in Phu Tho province: 0962,956,316.

In Nam Dinh, Mr. Khuong Thanh Vinh, Deputy Director of the Department of Health on 7/5 afternoon, said that the woman positive nCoV in Camp hamlet, Tay Kenh residential group, Co Le town, Truc Ninh district. From April 2 to April 28, she took care of her mother at the Hepatitis Department, National Hospital for Tropical Diseases.

On April 28 to May 2, she took care of her mother at Tan Trieu K Hospital and took a bus home from the hospital. On May 6, she got a sample to test, the result was positive once, by CDC Nam Dinh. Currently, the patient is isolated at the Medical Center of Truc Ninh district, the sample is sent to the National Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology for confirmation.

Authorities sealed the hamlet and took samples of the entire hamlet with more than 200 people. On an initial review, the health sector identified 16 F1, concentrated isolation.

According to Bac Ninh Department of Health, 4 new positive cases are related to the National Hospital for Tropical Diseases.

Currently, 5 out of 8 districts, towns and cities in the province have positive cases, with 15 F0, nearly 400 F1 and more than 2,000 F2. The province is implementing a social gap from May 7 for 5 districts, towns and cities to fight the epidemic.

From 0:00 on May 7, the province stopped all non-essential activities, gathered a large number of people …; restrict the movement of people.

This morning, CDC Bac Ninh suggested those who have been to K Hospital from April 22 to immediately contact the nearest medical agency for advice and support. At the same time, they need to provide phone numbers of people who have contacted them, medical reports and install bluezone applications.

Tracing the epidemiology, a young man born in 2001, in Kieu village, Hien Van commune, Tien Du district, Bac Ninh province. From March 29 to April 24, this person was treated at the Infectious Department of the National Hospital for Tropical Diseases 1; Infectious Department of National Hospital for Tropical Diseases 2 and Department of Obstetrics. On the afternoon of April 29, this person returned to Kieu, Hien Van and Tien Du villages and has stayed at home until now. On May 6, taking samples, and the results were positive.

The second case, female, was born in 1996, in Kieu village, Hien Van commune, Tien Du district. She works at 85 Vu Trong Phung, 12th floor of Centrel Building, 1 Nguyen Huy Tuong, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi. From March 29 to April 6, she came to take care of her child for treatment at the Infectious Department of the National Hospital for Tropical Diseases 1; Infectious Department of National Hospital for Tropical Diseases 2. From April 24 to April 25, she toured with the company in Sam Son, Thanh Hoa. On April 26, she went to Viet Duc Hospital to get documents and went to Bach Mai Hospital to buy a wheelchair, wearing a mask. On April 30 to May 2, she took a holiday at her home in Bac Ninh and went out to buy medicine. On May 3, she went to the company by motorbike and contacted 4 people. On May 6, she tested for nCoV, the result was positive.

The third case, female, born in 1985 in Hoai Thuong, Lien Bao commune, Tien Du district, has close contact with the brother of the suspected case. From April 21 to April 30, this person stayed at home. On the morning of May 1, he went to a party and met a brother in a suspected case. On the evening of May 5, she had a headache, dizziness, dizziness, and pain in her neck and neck. She went to Hoa Tuyet pharmacy in Cho Buu, Lien Bao commune to buy oral painkillers, on the morning of May 6, she tested positive for nCoV.

All three of these cases are being treated at Bac Ninh General Hospital.

The fourth case is female, born in 1989, in Rich Gao, Phu Dien, Tu Son town. From April 24 to now, she has taken care of her husband at the Central Hospital for Tropical Diseases. On May 4, she got a sample to test, the result was negative, on May 5, she tested again positive.

hung Yen this morning announced 3 new positive cases. Of which, 2 cases in Khoai Chau district, were the couple related to the Hospital for Tropical Diseases.

On April 29, the wife went to take care of a relative at the 2nd Central Tropical Diseases and then went home. The province blocked Khoai Chau village with 187 households and 664 people until further notice.

The third case in Nhan Hoa ward, My Hao town is F2 of “Patient 3063”, working as a worker at Asia Garment Company in Yen My district.

The health sector has tracked 25 F1. Including 15 F1 in Dong Ninh commune, 10 F1 in Tan Chau commune. Dong Ninh commune government is planning to provide food support for cases in the quarantine area.

From 0:00 on May 7, Hung Yen stopped working at gyms, yoga, spas, beauty establishments, hairdressers, hair-washing facilities, on-site dining and dining restaurants …, to perform communal distance. Association of the entire My Hao town under Directive No. 15.

Up to this morning, at least 4 provinces have recorded a total of more than 20 suspected cases related to the Hospital for Tropical Diseases. The series of cases at the Central Hospital for Tropical Diseases was discovered after a doctor from a hospital traveling abroad tested positive for nCoV on May 4. Medical quarantine hospital from 5/5 to 19/5.

Hospitals blockaded across the country due to suspected cases include Hospitals Phuc Yen General Clinic (Vinh Phuc); Quynh Lap Central Dermatology Hospital (Nghe An); Lang Son Lung Hospital; Thai Binh Provincial General Hospital; Central Hospital for Tropical Diseases 2; Military Medical Hospital 105 (Son Tay, Hanoi) and all three facilities Hospital K, Hanoi.

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