Found planets with better living conditions than Earth

We live on Earth, but that doesn’t mean this is the best planet for humans to develop.

According to aerospace biologist Dirk Schulze-Makuch from Washington State University (USA), people are looking for planets that can provide the environment for life to develop. However, the mistake that we often make is just struggling to find a second Earth, while there is a possibility that there are planets that provide life better than Earth.

Scientists are very interested in finding “new home” for humanity. Photo: ESA.

Astronomers have mentioned the concept of the “superhabitable planet” (a planet capable of providing better living conditions than Earth), which is evaluated by the environmental properties of that planet. and divided into four criteria (older, larger, wetter / warmer and orbiting a star with a longer lifespan than Earth).

Schulze-Makuch et al. Found 24 planets that provide better life than Earth in at least one of the criteria mentioned above.

Several planets found way Earth very far away and there has never been any official confirmation. Even though some planets have been discovered and confirmed, their distances are too far to be studied in depth. For example, a life-bearing asteroid the same size as Earth was discovered 124 light years away.

However, what Schulze-Makuch is aiming for is not finding the exact positions of those planets. He just wanted to show that the super-living planets could be among the planets we have discovered.

On Earth, it takes 3.5 billion years for macro life to form. Five billion years later, the Sun will disappear. However, if there is a planet orbiting a golden dwarf, with the ability to glow for 70 billion years, the planet’s ecosystem will be more diverse when compared to Earth.

That is what astronomers care about in search of a better “home” for humanity to live in the future.

Out of 24 planets considered super-living, only 9 planets orbiting yellow dwarfs, 16 planets are 5-8 billion years old and 5 planets have ideal temperature (about 19 degrees C). They are all within the permissible range of life around a star.

Of these, only one planet meets the criteria of the super-living planet. It is planet KOI 5715.01 with a size 1.8 times that of Earth, 3,000 light years away.

Although the number is not much, astronomers still prioritize “hunting” for super-living planets instead of searching for planets similar to Earth. According to Mr. Schulze-Makuch, we will have more information about these planets when the next space telescopes are launched.

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