Forty original business ideas: grow the money saved during confinement

A piggy bank in the shape of a pig on euro coins and banknotes. Illustrative photo. (JEAN-LUC FLEMAL / MAXPPP)

The French were already the champions of savings. And this is even more true today. Marc Templeman, the founder of the Cashbee app : “It is true that during the crisis, we put a monstrous layer of it. We put a hundred billion euros more aside.”

The problem is not so much knowing how to put aside, the problem is really knowing what to do with it.

Marc Templeman

to franceinfo

Why this record savings? For Marc Templeman there are two factors: “The first is the lack of possibilities to spend it. During the confinements, it was impossible to go to a restaurant, to go to a store, etc. And the second is that the Covid crisis has nevertheless created a climate of anxiety which does not stimulate spending “, believes Marc Templeman.

Cashbee started at three. They are now fifteen, half of which are developers. To make saving very simple, which is not necessarily so. This site in fact sells the passbooks of a bank which does not have a network. Cashbee is now thinking of expanding abroad, with spectacular growth in France.

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