Forty original business ideas: a catering service for employees

Dishes offered to companies. (Delicorner)

Fresh fruit in business, that already existed. But Julie Pommelet, with Delicorner, wanted to go further: “The big difference with Delicorner is that we are using organic, local products, which are 100% offered to employees.”
The idea came to her in Berlin, where she worked just like her partner. There, employees can dig into fridges always full of good things. So she came earlier in the morning. A good investment for the company.

Delicorner does not want to give anything to the employees it restores: “We really rely on products that are of very good quality, which give energy, which are good to consume in the workplace, such as dried fruits which improve concentration, energy, etc.”

But obviously the health crisis has happened there. Of 800 client companies, Delicorner has lost 500. She had to lay off workers. Yet Julie Pommelet remains optimistic for the future: “In the long term, we think that teleworking will become more and more important. On the other hand, companies want to keep offices, want to keep face-to-face to create cohesion so we think our service will be even more important.”

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