Formula 1: Maya Weug, first young girl to join the Ferrari team

The 16-year-old Dutch-Belgian Maya Weug became on Friday 22 January the first young girl to join the driver training course of the Ferrari Formula 1 team, the Ferrari Driver Academy (FDA).

In 2021, Weug, who was born and raised in Spain, will therefore benefit from the resources and lessons of the FDA, which notably brought Monegasque Charles Leclerc to the premier category, and she will compete in a Formula 4 championship.

Too feminine or not enough: the body so controlled by sportswomen

The young girl, whose father is passionate about motorsports, started karting at the age of 7, in 2011, on a used kart she shared with her brother, before starting competition in 2013 in Spain at the regional level. then national.

Only 2 women at the start of a Grand Prix

She was selected as part of a detection program for girls aged 12 to 16 conducted with the International Automobile Federation (FIA), of which the French Doriane Pin, 17, is one of the finalists.

This program, renewed this year, began last February with the selection by the FIA ​​of 20 young drivers from around the world identified through their national sports authorities.

Death of Niki Lauda, ​​F1 champion whose accident had toured the world

Motorsport is theoretically mixed, but women remain under-represented, if not absent, among the competitors, but also among team personnel and spectators.

Thus, in 71 editions of the Formula 1 World Championship, only two women took the start of a Grand Prix, the last time in 1976.

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