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Former President Trump supported the ‘gun lobby’, said this about the ban on guns

Donald Trump on Stricter Gun Control: After the shooting incident in Texas on Tuesday in America, there is a demand to end the Gun Lobby which has taken root in America. Meanwhile, former US President Donald Trump has given a statement supporting the gun lobby. Former US President Donald Trump on Friday rejected calls for tighter gun control in the aftermath of the Texas school massacre. He said that civilized Americans should be allowed to have guns so that they can defend themselves.

The former President of America said that the civilized citizens of the country need such weapons to protect themselves from criminals. He told members of the National Rifle Association that there was no reason to disarm law-abiding civilians. Those who follow the law properly should be allowed to keep arms to defend themselves.

Trump supports ‘gun lobby’

Former President Trump’s remarks come as a debate has erupted over the US gun lobby following a shooting incident at a Texas school and calls for an end to it. He said that various gun control policies were being pushed by the Left. Nothing was done to stop that horror. He said that we should all be united, Republicans and Democrats should be united in every state and at every level of government. There is a need to strengthen schools and improve safety regarding the safety of children.

What did Biden say about the gun lobby?

At the same time, after the Texas school firing incident, US President Joe Biden said that when will we stand against the gun lobby for God’s sake? Former President Borack Obama also believes that America is paralyzed, not by fear, but by the gun lobby, and a political party has expressed no desire to take any action on it to prevent such accidents.

19 children died in Texas school shooting

Let us tell you that 19 children and 2 adults lost their lives in a shooting incident in a Texas school in America. However, the roots of Gun Lobby in America are so deep in the politics of the country that it will not be so easy to eliminate it. Due to fire arms in America, every day some incident happens somewhere. In a way, America is becoming a victim of its own gun culture.

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