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Former President Barack Obama will campaign for Biden and Kamala Harris

Former US President Barack Obama will campaign for Presidential candidate Joe Biden on behalf of the Democratic Party in Pennsylvania next week. This information was provided by Biden’s campaign. However, President Donald Trump told his supporters here that Obama is “not an influential campaigner” and this is good news because in 2016 he did a stupid job, so “I am your President”.

Biden was Vice President in both of Obama’s tenures.

Biden was Vice President during both of Obama’s tenures. Obama has campaigned for Biden and Kamala Harris online, though this will be the first time that the 59-year-old former president will go public and campaign for him. Due to his eloquence, Obama is still a leader capable of gathering a large crowd.

A statement from Biden on Friday afternoon said, “On Wednesday, October 21, former President Obama, who will go to Philadelphia and Pennsylvania for campaigning for Biden and Kamala Harris.”

What does the opinion poll say?

According to the latest opinion poll, Biden is leading his opponent Donald Trump by more than nine points.

Biden accused Donald Trump

Presidential candidate Joe Biden, on behalf of the Democratic Party, has alleged that US President Donald Trump ‘enjoys’ isolation and turmoil and does something to divert public attention from his failures to deal with Kovid-19. Can also do. During the election campaign in Southfield, Michigan on Friday, he said that due to Trump’s policies on Kovid-19, the country is paying a heavy price.

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Trump jokingly said, “If I lost the presidential election to Biden, I might have to leave the country.”

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