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Former Pakistan PM Imran Khan, angry over taking US help, condemns the army chief

Pakistan’s Former Prime Minister Imran Khan: Former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan on Saturday condemned the country’s army chief General Qamar Bajwa. He has condemned the military chief for approaching the US to help Pakistan get loans from the International Monetary Fund-IMF. Former PM Khan said that it is not the army chief’s job to deal with economic matters and his intervention means that the country is weakening.

Bajwa contacted America

It is noteworthy that official media had reported on Friday that Bajwa has approached the US for an early $1.2 billion loan to Pakistan from the IMF. Pakistan is going through a liquidity crisis at the moment and its foreign exchange reserves are coming fast. Due to this shortage, the possibility of his bankruptcy is increasing. Official news agency Associated Press of Pakistan-APP, quoting Pakistani military sources, reported that Bajwa spoke to US Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman earlier this week. . He said Bajwa had appealed to the White House and the US Treasury Ministry to pressurize the IMF to release a $1.2 billion loan to Pakistan.

It is not the job of the army chief to deal with economic matters

Commenting on this news, deposed Prime Minister Imran Khan said that it is not the job of the army chief of Pakistan to deal with economic matters. Dawn newspaper quoted Khan as saying, “This shows that neither the foreign governments nor the IMF trust the government and that is why the army chief took this responsibility.” He further said, “If the army chief Contacting America and asking for help, it means that the country is weakening. ” Khan said that American help cannot be received without any retaliatory demand. He has expressed apprehension that that US demand may be compromising on the national security of Pakistan.

Political instability came after the removal of the government

Linking the current economic crisis with political instability, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) President Imran Khan said that when his government was removed after a conspiracy, there was political instability in the country. He said that this increased the economic crisis in Pakistan. Khan alleged that Donald Lu, assistant secretary in the Bureau of South and Central Asia in the US State Department, was involved in an international conspiracy to oust his government. Khan said, “You see that since then all the standards have gone down. All economic indicators, be it industry, tax collection, exports or remittances by Pakistanis living abroad, are all going down. The only way to bring them back on track is political stability, which will come through fair and transparent elections.” Significantly, the US has repeatedly denied Khan’s allegations.

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