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Former Pakistan captain’s reaction to PM Imran Khan’s ‘surprise’, know what he said

Pakistan President Arif Alvi on Sunday dissolved the National Assembly (NA) soon after Prime Minister Imran Khan’s proposal. Imran Khan announced that he had advised President Alvi to dissolve all assemblies after NA Vice President Qasim Suri rejected a no-confidence motion against the prime minister on Sunday, paving the way for mid-term elections. The official notification for dissolution of the assembly has already been issued. In his brief address to the nation after the no-confidence motion was rejected, the premier said, “Prepare for the elections. No corrupt force will decide what the future of the country will be. When the assemblies are dissolved, the process is followed by the next election and the caretaker government.” will start for.”

Prime Minister Imran Khan surprised everyone by dissolving the National Assembly. The opposition leaders of Pakistan seem upset about this, so all the bigwigs of the cricket world have come out in their support. Former Pakistan captain Waqar Younis and all-rounder Mohammad Hafeez have praised Imran Khan. All-rounder Hafeez called Imran Khan a “true legend” on his official Twitter handle. Earlier, Waqar Younis tweeted about Imran, “Proud of you always Captain. What a masterstroke.”

Pakistan’s President Arif Alvi has dissolved the National Assembly and all the provincial assemblies. After the no-confidence motion was rejected in the Parliament, Imran Khan sent a recommendation to the President to dissolve the Parliament. Now Imran will remain the acting PM till the elections. Elections will be held in Pakistan within 90 days. Imran Khan’s surprise has created an outcry in Pakistan. After the no-confidence motion is rejected, Imran will now remain the acting PM till the elections. On the other hand, the opposition is performing vigorously in the Parliament.

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