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Former Army General Lloyd Esteen to be US Defense Minister, US Senate confirmed

The new defense minister in the Joe Biden administration in the US will be former Army General Lloyd Esteen. The US Senate has confirmed this news on Friday. He is the first black who has been given this important position in American history. Earlier, Lloyd Einstein said that the goal of the Biden administration is to further strengthen America’s military partnership with India. He said that the action taken by Pakistan on anti-India terror groups (Jaish-e-Muhammad and Lashkar-e-Taiba) is incomplete.

Senate by Lloyd J. In his career of 41 years, he held large military posts and crossed the racist barriers to reach here. The Senate confirmed his name through a 93–2 vote, and President Joe Biden has been appointed the second minister in the cabinet. Earlier, Avril Haynes was appointed director of national intelligence on Wednesday. Biden is expected to approve the names of other members for the national security team in the coming days, including Antony Blyken as foreign minister.

Austin said he would also try to strengthen and broaden defense cooperation between India and the US through the Quad Security Dialogue and other regional meetings. He said that he feels that Pakistan has taken steps to fulfill US requests in support of Afghanistan peace process. It has also taken action against anti-Indian terrorist groups like Lashkar-e-Taiba and Jaish-e-Muhammad, but this progress is incomplete.

Austin said that apart from the suspension of security aid, many factors could affect Pakistan’s cooperation, including things like Afghanistan talks.


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