Forging Deputy Prime Minister’s statement about the Covid-19 translation

The authorities recommend that people be cautious and alert when receiving and sharing information to avoid complicating the epidemic.

The Vietnam Counterfeit News Processing Center (VAFC) said on January 30th this unit scanned and discovered a number of Facebook posts and sharing information that were supposed to be directed by Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Talk about epidemic prevention Covid-19.

Image of fake information was released

Through inspection, VAFC confirmed that this information was fake. This agency recommends that people be cautious and alert in receiving and sharing information on social networks; avoid complicating epidemics and violating cyber prohibitions.

Previously, VAFC also warned about fake news “Hanoi blocked by Covid-19”.

According to information from the Ministry of Health, by the afternoon of January 30, Vietnam recorded an additional 28 cases of Covid-19, of which 27 cases of community infection in 5 provinces. Of the 28 new cases, 1 case was isolated immediately after entry, the remaining 27 cases infected the community in Hai Duong, Quang Ninh, Hanoi, Gia Lai and TP. HCM City.

Currently, a number of localities with a large number of Covi-19 cases have blocked and separated hot spots; performing on-site or concentrated isolation.

The fake news processing center (under the Department of Broadcasting and Electronic Information) with the Information Portal to receive and disclose fake news is built and managed by the Ministry of Information and Communications. The center is responsible for receiving, detecting, verifying, labeling fake news … to warn about the phenomenon of fake information.

Hoai Thuong

Discovering fake news about Hanoi blockade

Discovering fake news about Hanoi blockade

Fake news about Hanoi about to blockade appeared in a chat group. This information is being transferred to an investigative agency.


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