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Foreign Minister of Afghanistan said – Taliban government will not allow the use of the earth for terrorists

Afghanistan News: Amir Khan Muttaqi, the foreign minister in the new Taliban government in Afghanistan, has said the government will prevent terrorists from using its territory to attack other countries. Muttaki has said that the government is committed to its promises that it will never allow terrorists to use its territory to attack others.

In his first press conference since the Taliban formed an interim government in Afghanistan a week ago, Muttaki did not specify a time frame on how long the government would last or whether other groups, minorities or women would be included in the government. Asked about the possibility of elections, Muttaki demanded that other countries not interfere in Afghanistan’s internal issues.

Under a deal with the US last year, the Taliban promised to sever ties with al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups and ensure they would not allow their territory to pose any threat to other countries. When asked about the agreement, Muttaki said, “We will not allow any individual or any group to use our land against any other country.”

On Afghanistan’s foreign relations, Muttaki said that the Taliban wants to have good bilateral relations with countries of the world including America. “We want them not to put pressure on Afghanistan because pressure doesn’t work and neither Afghanistan nor the countries of the world will benefit from it,” he said.

Amir Khan Muttaki also met the ambassadors of China and Pakistan separately. According to Tulu News, Chinese Ambassador to Afghanistan Wang Yu met Muttaki. Regarding this meeting, Taliban spokesman Mohammad Naeem said that China has promised $ 15 million (150 million) as humanitarian aid. Along with this, China has also assured continuous help for Afghanistan.

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