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Foreign conspiracy, old politician traitor… these five big questions are arising on the allegations of emotional Imran Khan

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan once again interacted with the people on the pretext of message to the country. He once again accused him of foreign conspiracy. Along with this, many old politicians present within the country were awarded with rhetoric like traitors. Imran Khan said all these things by quoting the letter, which was allegedly sent to the government on March 7 by the then Ambassador of Pakistan to the US, Asad Majeed Khan.

The letter which Imran Khan is using as a shield to save his wicket, losing the match of power on the pitch of politics, making it an issue of Pakistan’s independence and power himself, there are many holes in that armor.

First question- why drama full, action gully?
Imran Khan is making a diplomatic letter written on 7 March a big issue of national security and interference in Pakistan’s internal affairs. But he did not say what he did on this so-called hypersensitive letter from March 7 to 27?

Second question to Imran – Why did not protest against America?
If Imran was considering the things written in the letter of his ambassador to America so repulsive, then why is his foreign minister on March 21 giving a warm welcome to the US State Department’s special envoy Ujra Zoya? Did Pakistan’s NSA Moeed Yusuf raise the matter in his March 22 meeting with Ujra? After all, why did it take more than three weeks for the US to give any official reply on this?

Third question to Imran on the conspiracy letter – why did not do sedition case?
Imran Khan is accusing opposition leaders of being involved in the conspiracy against him with foreign aid. But if this is really true, why has no complaint or action been registered in such a serious case of sedition under his rule?

Fourth question to Imran – Why did Imran keep postponing the meeting of NSC?
Why did Imran Khan take so long to call a meeting of the National Security Committee on the letter of international conspiracy? Instead of convening immediately, why was this meeting called on March 31 after criticism and questions from the opposition.

Fifth and last question to Imran – made the letter a shield against the opposition?
After the letter surfaced, instead of registering a strong objection or initiating any investigation, why was it saved for the rally held on March 27 in Islamabad? If there was any attempt to attack the sovereignty of Pakistan, why did the ruling party leaders and government ministers keep calling it Imran’s surprise?

Obviously there is a misunderstanding in this letter of Imran. Through this, Imran only wants to divert the issue. We want to collect the sympathy of the people, want to change the direction of the storm of change, but now this is hardly possible. Because in the whirlwind of rebellion, their fort has been destroyed, which can collapse at any time.

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