For the first time, Vietnam has an organization specializing in training female employees in the Blockchain industry

The majority of the workforce in the blockchain industry is male. The appearance of SHE Blockchain is expected to help balance and bring women closer to Blockchain.

In the past few years, Blockchain projects in Vietnam are developing rapidly and diversely. More and more startups specializing in Blockchain are founded by Vietnamese people and recognized by international friends.

Many Blockchain solutions are also contributing to the digital transformation of energy, transportation, urban development, etc., bringing convenience to people.

However, a recent report by TIME shows that the percentage of women participating in the Blockchain and cryptocurrency sector both as developers, investors and interested people currently accounts for only 4-6. %. This is considered to make the Blockchain industry lose an important piece of the puzzle in areas where women are inherently strong.

Experts shared at the launching ceremony of the first organization in Vietnam specializing in training female employees in the Blockchain industry.

According to an unofficial report, the female workforce in the blockchain industry currently accounts for only 10-30% of the entire industry’s workforce. This leads to Blockchain being an industry dominated by men. As a result, the role of female employees in the Blockchain industry is underestimated, and the income is not as good as that of men. The absence of the “other half” of the world will also become a shortage for the Blockchain industry, especially when the role of female human resources is increasing in the IT sector in general.

To solve the story of pulling women closer to the Blockchain field, recently SHE Blockchain organization was born with the aim of inspiring and creating opportunities for women to participate in this industry.

SHE Blockchain is sponsored by the Vietnam Blockchain Union (Vietnam Blockchain Union – VBU) of the Vietnam Digital Media Association. VBU is a recently established Alliance to advise and advise regulatory agencies to develop policies and legal frameworks on Blockchain, digital assets and digital currencies in Vietnam.

Founder Pham Thuy Linh of SHE Blockchain shares why the Blockchain industry needs female participation.

It is worth noting that SHE is also the first organization in Vietnam specializing in training female personnel for the Blockchain industry.

According to founder Pham Thuy Linh, SHE Blockchain aims to become a professional education and career development organization.

“We are women-centered and use a holistic educational approach to train and help bring smart, ambitious women to the Blockchain industry,” shared Ms. Linh.

To do that, the organization aims to train its members in the mindset, knowledge and soft skills that a woman needs to enter the Blockchain industry. In addition, members of SHE will also receive additional training in specialized English and presentation skills by participating in debate rounds led by mentors.

The appearance of SHE Blockchain is considered to blow a new wind and add a quality human resource, contributing to the development of the Blockchain industry in Vietnam in the future.

Trong Dat


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