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For the first time in the world, 4.36 lakh corona cases in 24 hours, death toll also increased, see the list of top-10 infected countries

Coronavirus: Corona virus is at its peak worldwide. Its havoc is increasing every day and a large number of people are getting infected with this dangerous virus. A record 4.36 lakh corona cases were reported in the last 24 hours. Earlier, a record 4.14 lakh cases were registered on 16 October. The death toll from this dangerous disease has also increased. Last day 6,839 people died. In the past, the highest number of cases came in America. After this, the highest number of cases were reported in India, Britain, France, Brazil, Argentina, Spain, Russia.

According to the Worldometer, 40 million 14 million people have been infected corona so far. Out of this, 11 lakh 35 thousand people have lost their lives, while 3 crore 9 lakh patients have been cured. There are 94 lakh 36 thousand active cases in the whole world, that is, so many people are currently being treated in the hospital.

List of top 10 infected countries
America tops the list of countries most affected by the Corona epidemic. The fastest cases are also increasing in America. In the last 24 hours more than 60 thousand new cases have come in America. After this, India’s number comes. In India, more than 77 lakh people have become corona infected, 56 thousand cases have increased in the last 24 hours. At the same time, 26 thousand cases were done in 24 hours in Brazil, the third most affected country by Corona.

  • America: Case- 8,581,993, Death- 227,357
  • India: Case- 7,705,158, Death- 116,653
  • Brazil: Case- 5,300,649, Death- 155,459
  • Russia: Case- 1,447,335, Death- 24,952
  • Spain: Case- 1,046,641, Death- 34,366
  • Argentina: Case- 1,037,325, Death- 27,519
  • Colombia: Case- 981,700, Death- 29,464
  • France: Case- 957,421, Death- 34,048
  • Peru: Case- 876,885, Death- 33,937
  • Mexico: Case- 860,714, Death- 86,893

More than 5 lakh corona cases in 13 countries
In 13 countries of the world, the number of corona infected has reached beyond 5 lakhs. These include South Africa, UK and Iran. 60 per cent of the world’s people have lost their lives in only six countries. These countries are America, Brazil, India, Mexico, Britain, Italy. More than 85 thousand infected people have died in four countries of the world (America, Brazil, India, Mexico). Nearly 6 lakh people have died in these four countries, this number is 40 percent of the total deaths in the world.

India is the second largest number of infected people in the world. Not only this, it is at number three in the most death cases. Also, India is the second country where there are the most active cases.

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