For the first time, automatic robots attack humans

According to CNET, based on a report published by the United Nations, a drone capable of taking down a target automatically “pursed a human target” without the intervention of a human being. controller.

The fear of the possibility of automatic robots attacking and killing people has been warned by Elon Musk and Sam Harris, AI is a serious threat to human civilization.

A recent United Nations report may add to fears about AI and robots, as it says a drone struck and could kill all soldiers.

This is believed to be the first documented case of a drone attack without operator intervention.

STM Kargu-2 has the ability to automatically attack the target

The incident was recorded in March last year in Libya, a country in the midst of a civil war. According to the Report of the United Nations Security Council’s Expert Council on Libya, Turkey has deployed the STM Kargu-2 unmanned aerial vehicle, which is known as a “lethal autonomous weapon”, to find and attack the Haftar Armed Forces of Libya (HAF).

The report said that logistics convoys and rear forces were hunted and fought from afar by lethal automated weapon systems such as the STM Kargu-2. Specifically, STM Kargu-2 automatically attacked a soldier when he tried to retreat.

“The deadly self-propelled weapon system is programmed to strike a target without the need for a connection between it and the operator,” the report from the United Nations said.

Also in the report, Zak Kellenborn, a national security adviser specializing in unmanned systems and unmanned aerial vehicles, asserts that this is the first time a self-propelled weapon system has attacked people without no directives.

Jack Watling, a war researcher at the Royal Institute for Defense Studies (RUSI), told New Scientist that this incident highlights the urgent need for discussion on regulations related to self-propelled weapons.

In 2018, the United Nations tried to start implementing a treaty banning autonomous weapons, but the move was blocked by both the US and Russia. Human Rights Watch has been campaigning against these weapons since 2013, and supports a campaign to prevent the proliferation of these dangerous weapons.

The Kargu-2 is a type of drone that uses machine learning algorithms and real-time image processing to automatically track and engage targets. According to Turkish weapons manufacturer STM, it can be used against stationary or moving targets through its native and real-time image processing and built-in machine learning algorithms. in this platform.

Hai Nguyen (according to CNET, New Scientist)

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