For Pascal Elbé, silence is not golden

The actor-director signs an endearing romantic comedy where the hero, suffering from precocious deafness, denies the obvious.

We did not expect the actor-director Pascal Elbé at the turn of the romantic comedy… And yet! For his third film (after Turk’s Head in 2010 and I count on you in 2015), the 54-year-old actor-director set himself a challenge: to make people laugh and smile with a rather delicate subject, early deafness, and the acceptance of such a handicap, when he does not have been detected by the person concerned.

In We are made for each other, Antoine (Pascal Elbé) is a fifties all that there is of sympathetic. However, this somewhat lunar professor seems to listen to nothing and no one. His students demand his attention. His colleagues find that he is more and more dizzy during meetings or in the teachers’ room. His loves reproach him for his lack of empathy. And for good reason ! Without knowing it or wanting to be aware of it, Antoine has lost a lot of hearing. Claire (Sandrine Kiberlain), her new downstairs neighbor, temporarily living with her sister, bears the brunt of it all.

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