For Mathieu Kassovitz, Daisy Ridley from Star Wars turns into a souvenir dealer

This project marks the big comeback of the director of Hate and star of Legends office behind the camera.

After ten years of hiatus, Mathieu Kassovitz is ready to get back behind the camera and return to the fantastic thrillers with which he had ventured in Hollywood (Babylon AD, Gothika). The specialized site Deadline reveals that the director of La Haine and star of the Legends office will direct the Briton Daisy Ridley, heroine of the last trilogy Star wars in the anticipation film Mind Fall.

Imagined by Graham Moore, author of the Oscar nominated biopic The Imitation Game on mathematician Alan Turing, Mind Fall imagine a dystopian future in which it is possible to suck memories from one memory for a small fee to transplant them at high cost into another. The technology is illegal. But this activity has become a real drug on which Ardis Varnado (Daisy Ridley) thrives. The London trafficker is also addicted to the process and can not always distinguish what is reality and her dream life. It becomes problematic when she is charged with murder. Unraveling truth from falsehood and attempting to investigate takes Ardis into a dizzying maze.

If he directed several episodes of Legends office, the flagship spy series of Canal + in which he plays the troubled secret agent Malotru, Mathieu Kassovitz has not directed a film since Order and Morality in 2011. He will soon be showing in the drama on consent Human things by Yvan Attal. There he plays the (small) role of the father of a young woman who accuses her stepmother’s son, from the upper middle class, of having raped her.

Wild Bunch International handles the sales of Mind Fall. No release date or additional casting information has yet been released. Let’s hope that Mind Fall will receive a better reception than another dystopian thriller about the depths of memory and the addictive nature of happy memories. Despite a poster featuring Hugh Jackman and Rebecca Ferguson, Reminiscences by Lisa Joy had failed to find her audience at the box office.


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