For Eva Sadoun, co-president of the Impact France movement, the Climate law “is a bit of greenwashing”

Eva Sadoun, co-president of the Impact France movement (March 31, 2021). (FRANCEINFO / RADIO FRANCE)

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Does the Climate Law go far enough? Eco guest of franceinfo on Wednesday March 31, Eva Sadoun, co-president of the Impact France movement, believes that no, and that the project “does not provide enough incentives to make an ecological transition of the economy. “

The young employers’ organization brings together companies that claim to be “social and ecological”. For its leader, the initiative of the law is good, but the text is ultimately similar “a little greenwashing “ because it is too much “restrictive”.

The Impact France movement had notably proposed the creation of a social and ecological index. “A way to assess companies, explains Eva Sadoun, according to social, environmental, value-sharing and power criteria. “

The goal ? “Eassess which company is really ecological, and which company is not “, explains the manager: “We would know which company to favor and which company not to favor. “This measure, carried by an amendment of a group of LREM deputies, was deemed inadmissible, says Eva Sadoun.

Eva Sadoun also chairs, a platform that offers everyone the opportunity to invest in companies with a “positive” social or ecological impact. “They are evaluated according to criteria of job creation, ecological impact, etc. (…) Companies which produce renewable energies, which reintegrate people with disabilities, which create new technologies at the service of the common good, which develop social housing …

Are they not more fragile than the others? “What is certain, replies the manager, it is that they are very anchored at the territorial level. It was an advantage for them “, even if “they are very afraid of what awaits them “.

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