For Asia Argento, “the concern is the deviation of the #MeToo movement”

In an interview with Paris Match, the Italian actress expresses regret and qualifies the controversial remarks of Catherine Deneuve.

On the occasion of the release of his book Anatomy of a wild heart, Asia Argento gave a long interview to Paris Match . In the columns of the magazine, the Italian actress confides in her image, the various controversies she has aroused following her accusations against Harvey Weinstein, as well as her vision of the #Metoo movement. Her testimony also seems to defend, at least qualify, the controversial position taken by Catherine Deneuve regarding the wave of accusations on social networks via the #balancetonporc.

A tribune and 100 women

In January 2018, a forum criticizing the radicalism of the movement and in particular this “hatred of men“Pushed by certain feminists, appears in The world . Written in part by Catherine Millet and signed by a hundred women, this text calls for “a freedom to annoy, essential to sexual freedom.Among the signatories, the French actress Catherine Deneuve, long criticized for this position, seen by some as extreme.

If the actress did not think wrong, she must have, a few days after the publication of the column, publish in Release a letter to victims of sexual assault apologizing to them. In this letter, Deneuve specified in particular that “nothing in the text claims that harassment is good, otherwise I wouldn’t have signed it.This is why, thereafter, Catherine Deneuve admitted her error to have signed, without imagining the impacts, the petition. Unfortunately for the actress, the damage was done.

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Pioneer of the #Metoo movement

The speech of Asia Argento in 2018, during the closing ceremony of the 71st Festival de Cannes, had shaken the walls of Hollywood. This speech launched the #Metoo movement and freed up female speech. Alongside actresses Rose McGowan and Ashley Judd, in an interview with New Yorker and published in October 2017, she had previously accused Harvey Weinstein of sexual abuse. Following this denunciation against the fallen producer, the testimonies of many other women had rocked.

This episode turned out to be a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it helped untie the tongues of many women who had not dared to speak until then, and thus help to give birth to the #Metoo movement. On the other hand, Asia Argento paid dearly for her words, in Italy in particular. “When I was on the front page every day, it wasn’t easy. On TV, they held a platform with, on one side, those who were for me and, on the other, those who were against. It was surreal. But I know it has helped women, so I don’t regret it. (…) I didn’t do it for me, I was the easiest to destroy. To people, I was a whore… And you don’t rape a whore, do you? It was not a victory to speak. The only victory is that he’s in jail», She tells Paris Match.

Now the concern is the deviation of the #MeToo movement», Estimates the daughter of Italian director Dario Argento. For her, it went a little too far: “We can no longer shoot a sex scene in Hollywood without the presence of a specialist who ensures that everything is in order! I didn’t think it would become so American. People are even afraid to flirt! I love flirtation, I am a flirt! Catherine Deneuve says there is a fine line between seduction and rape. For me, it is very clear!», She exclaims to the journalist. The French actress had made remarks that had caused controversy, especially in 2018 at the time of the column published in The world and which she had then signed.


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