Foods that cause sexual weakness in men should be avoided

Alcohol, coffee, animal organs and salty foods… are foods that can affect physiology in men, according to experts.

Doctor Ha Ngoc Manh, Deputy Director of Vietnam Belgian Hospital of Andrology and Infertility, said that physiological weakness is a term that refers to a decline in sexual function in men with some typical manifestations such as decreased libido. sex drive, decreased activity frequency, erectile dysfunction, ejaculation disorder…

Male sexual dysfunction has many different levels and manifestations. At a mild level, sexual ability is still normal, but instead of feeling refreshed and relaxed, the body is tired, weak, with back and joint pain.

Moderately, sexual activity is more difficult because the penis is hard to erect, it takes a long time to stimulate. However, the erection process does not last long, the frequency of intercourse decreases, the ability to ejaculate gradually decreases, and the semen is less diluted.

In the severe stage, physiological weakness also affects fertility. At this time, the patient loses the feeling of desire, can’t get an erection, so sexual activity can’t take place.

According to Doctor Manh, sexual activity in men is strongly related to testosterone levels in the blood. Testosterone deficiency will cause men to reduce libido, erectile dysfunction and lead to premature ejaculation, reduced sperm quality… Some foods that have an adverse effect on testosterone in the body should be avoided daily, including:

The first, stimulants such as alcohol or caffeine. Alcohol and stimulants in alcohol cause damage to the nervous system, damage to the testicular parenchyma due to the very high alcohol concentration in the testicular parenchyma when men drink alcohol. Long-term alcohol consumption causes damage to the cavernous testicles, making them unable to control the ability to have an erection and the time to ejaculate. Moreover, alcohol abuse also causes testosterone levels to drop sharply, giving rise to physiological problems.

Caffeine, when used in high doses, will stimulate the adrenal glands to work harder, the body will become tense, affect sexual activity, and decrease the ability to desire. Caffeine can also cause irritation, depression, or restlessness.

Monday is animal organs. This is a favorite dish of many people. According to doctors, these foods contain a lot of saturated fat and high cholesterol, when eaten a lot, they will easily gain weight, increase blood fat, cause atherosclerosis, poor blood circulation, and damage to the arteries. Meanwhile, the artery that supplies blood to the penis is the smallest size, the first risk of damage, leading to a high possibility of erectile dysfunction.

Tuesday is salty food. Eating too much salt is one of the causes of male sexual weakness that few people know. When the amount of salt in the body is too much, it will cause sympathetic nervous system disorders, increase blood pressure, poor blood circulation, leading to difficulty in erection. In addition, eating salty directly affects the function of the kidney – an organ that has a direct impact on male sexual activity. When the kidneys are damaged, men are prone to weakness, reduced sex drive, and reduced sperm quality. Diseases caused by salty foods such as high blood pressure and medication use also negatively affect sexual ability.

Doctor Manh said there is no scientific evidence that laksa leaves and soybeans cause physiological weakness like word of mouth. According to research, soybeans contain a large amount of isoflavones, which are structurally similar to the female hormone estrogen, so many people think that regular soy consumption can cause physiological decline, easily lead to infertility. Isoflavones are not actually estrogens. Many scientists say that soy and foods that provide isoflavones do not change testosterone levels in men, do not affect the amount of ejaculation, sperm concentration and quantity.

Currently, there is no medical document that mentions the ability to inhibit sexual ability of laksa leaves. In traditional medicine, laksa leaves are spices, so they are often used in small amounts, and their ability to cure or develop disease is not significant.

“Therefore, eating dishes with laksa leaves or eating duck eggs with laksa leaves does not have physiological weakness or impotence,” said Dr. Manh.

Thuy Quynh