Food delivery application helps to reduce the load for housewives on Tet

Modern young families in big cities are used to ordering food online all three days of Tet.

“Our people increasingly enjoy modern Tet. I can’t keep up, ”said Mr. Chuong, a bank guard in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City. On the first day of the New Year, the staff on duty and Uncle Chuong competed to order food online. Morning, noon, afternoon, and late afternoon, we have something to eat and to have fun with.

A driver delivers lunch on the 2nd of Tet in Ho Chi Minh City. (Photo: Hai Dang)

Uncle Chuong said, on the first day of Tet, no one sold anything in previous years, he had to bring food from home to the duty agency. This year also brought some banh chung, called banh tet, plus a little jam, and the main food, some young staff “book”, invited me to eat.

“Pho, broken rice, and milk tea. Enough. Therefore, eating and drinking is also less bored ”, said Uncle Chuong. Some bosses also give lucky money to me with the bank’s application where he is working. The happy amount is not much, but usually includes lucky numbers such as 6, 8, 79, …

Many families in Ho Chi Minh City still prefer to go to supermarkets, to choose food and drinks for Tet holiday by themselves, but some have switched to ordering online. Young families or the generation of 8x, 9x in the house are used to ordering food and drinks every day, so Tet is no exception.

Ms. Kieu Minh (District 5, Ho Chi Minh City), every day at work or when she comes home, still has the habit of ordering food and drinks on Grab and Baemin apps.

“The Tet food you order is the same as in the year, not much different: Hue beef vermicelli, rice, milk tea, dessert, banh Tet, pizza, …”, Ms. Minh said.

Living with her parents and younger brother, on New Year’s day, the whole family still cooks savory dishes, however, Mrs. Minh’s snacks still rely on some familiar shops on the application.

“Saigon is restricting going out, so there is more reason for me not to sit at the restaurant”, Ms. Minh shared.

After the Covid-19 case at Tan Son Nhat airport, the authorities spaced out some places, canceled many events where crowds gathered, and asked people to take measures to prevent epidemics.

Because of this, people limit traveling and visiting each other on Tet. The display of worshiping tray, eating in the house is therefore also simpler and more modern.

Ms. Duong, who works for a stock exchange in District 1, purchases Tet entirely through e-commerce sites and food ordering apps. Because her parents are far away, these days, she likes to eat anything, mainly order food, and spend time during the day for her favorite tasks such as reading, yoga.

On the evening of the 1st of Tet, Ms. Duong came to her friend’s house. “My group ordered hot pot to eat because my friends visited their grandparents, so before that, we could not prepare food. In the Lunar New Year, the girls do not want to work much, ”said Ms. Duong.

According to data from Statista, the online food delivery market in Vietnam is expected to reach a turnover of up to USD 302 million by 2020 and is expected to reach USD 557 million by 2024.

During the Covid-19 outbreak in Vietnam in March and April of last year, Grab recorded a 26% increase in order value compared to the pre-outbreak, possibly due to family members living home and dining together. In which the most spending on orders belongs to dinner.

During the translation phase, food ordering habits also change. Milk tea orders surpassed rice dishes, becoming the most ordered item. Dishes ordered on Grab include milk tea, rice, vermicelli & noodles, fast food, tea, coffee, and juice.

However, during the Tet holiday, the shop’s goods take a break, the delivery staff also returns home, so the amount of shipper is scarce. Outlying counties suffer more due to the fear of shipper being “burst”.

Ms. Nga (District 12) said she usually orders on Now and GrabFood. “Till 30 Tet is still normal, but on the first morning, booking Now fails because there is no driver,” Ms. Nga said. During Tet, she often order breakfast dishes such as beef noodle soup, broken rice, pho, …

Most of them can order from Now or Grab. But there are also stores that can only be ordered from Now, and there are also stores that can only be ordered from Grab. Usually, Nga thinks about what food in the family of 3, then go to the app to find a restaurant, if any side has a restaurant closer to home, order it. In case both apps can be located in a shop, which side will be cheaper.

“But for the New Year, I rarely think about fees. Because my house is far from the center, I understand the psychology of shipper being afraid to have an application, so I usually pay by credit card in advance, and “tip” always on the order, “said Nga.

During the Lunar New Year, the applications have increased the shipping fee, the time to find the driver is longer, but the people polled in this post are quite satisfied with the services of the parties, and are willing to add more shipper money in the last days. year.


Saigon people turn to online shopping for Tet

Saigon people turn to online shopping for Tet

From the offering tray to the clothes and household items, many people in Ho Chi Minh City all sit at home ordering online.


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