Flukes nest in girls’ brains

Ha GiangA 17-year-old girl with dizziness, tinnitus, memory loss with convulsions, the doctor discovered fluke larvae in the brain.

Doctors of Bac Quang Regional General Hospital on September 16, the results of computed tomography with contrast detected many small calcified nodules in the brain parenchyma in both hemispheres of the patient’s brain, with images of larval cysts. fluke, mild cerebral edema.

Experts from Hanoi Medical University Hospital, online consultation, diagnosed with human brain fluke cocoon. After treatment, the headache and convulsions decreased, the patient was transferred to a higher level for further treatment.

Image of a cocoon nesting in a patient’s brain. Photo: Hospital provides

Brain fluke is an infection of the nervous system caused by parasite larvae living in humans. The disease is common in areas with low living standards and poor sanitation, especially in areas with free-range pig farming practices; or by eating uncooked pork, buffalo or cow, eating blood pudding, nem hearing, nem chua, raw salad…; people who slaughter pigs, buffaloes and cows.

Food containing live fluke eggs such as raw vegetables, not clean … when eaten in the stomach, the egg shell is destroyed, releasing the larvae of the fluke. Larvae penetrate the lining of the stomach or intestines into the blood, lymphatic system and then parasitize in parts of the body such as the brain, heart, liver, subcutaneous tissues …

Brain fluke is a very dangerous disease, but it can be prevented. To prevent the disease, should eat cooked and drink boiled, do not eat pig blood soup, pork intestines, salad, rare pork… Do not eat pork rice, do not eat raw or rare vegetables grown under water such as coriander, water spinach. , celery … but must be cooked thoroughly. Wash hands before eating and after using the toilet; clean environment. Do not defecate indiscriminately; no free-range pigs…

Drink tapeworm bleach when infected with tapeworms. When there are signs of headaches, dizziness, frequent dizziness, it is advisable to go to a medical facility for timely examination and treatment.

Thuy Quynh