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Flexitarian, pesco-vegetarian… These young people who have changed their diet

“I don’t eat beef at all”

Fiorella, 19 years old

“When I was 15, I became a pesco-vegetarian. I stopped eating meat while continuing to eat fish. When I arrived in high school, I learned about ecology, I had walked for the climate and I realized that meat production was very polluting. I lasted a year.

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But when I returned to Italy, the country of origin of my grandparents, I fell in love with cold meats. Since then, I’ve been eating a bit of it, as well as some chicken, especially outside the house because my mother has been a vegetarian for a long time and is used to cooking these kinds of dishes. On the other hand, I no longer eat beef at all because it is the most polluting farm.

I also try to reduce my waste and packaging. And I start to buy second hand clothes. With friends, I also created the association Un Repas Avant l’Aube, which helps the homeless. We cook vegetarian meals and use recyclable containers. “

“We give him vitamin B12”

Aline, mother of Angèle, 13 years old

«Angèle became a vegetarian in 6e. In elementary school, she already didn’t want to eat meat anymore, but the canteens forced her. It was a difficult time for her. Her choice is ideological: she no longer wants to eat animals that are killed. She also does not eat fish or seafood.

Angèle is a resolute young girl and she wants her decision to be respected. We don’t eat a lot of meat either and when we do, we buy it from a breeder that we know. My husband was a vegetarian when he began his medical studies, because he had been very affected by animal dissections, but since then he has returned to a Mediterranean diet.

We pay great attention to the diet and make sure that Angela does not have deficiencies, sometimes giving her vitamin B12, the only one that is not easily found in the vegetarian diet. “

“I educated my parents”

Sacha, 19 years old

“I am a flexitarian. I do not eat beef and I limit my consumption of other meats as much as possible, even if I do not forbid myself. And the rest of the time, I prefer eggs, dairy products and fish. This change of regime was done gradually. In my family, we have never eaten too much meat.

But I am mainly motivated by ecological issues. We know that meat production has a significant impact on greenhouse gases, deforestation and energy production. However, as individuals, we can remedy this by reducing our consumption.

By becoming aware of ecological problems, I also sensitized my parents and now we all cycle, we buy as many things as possible in bulk to avoid plastic and we sort our waste. I even managed to convince them to opt for a green electricity supplier. “

“I decided to completely remove the meat during the first confinement”

Lucie, 20 years old

“I became a pesco-vegetarian during the first confinement. I already ate no meat or fish on weekdays, for practical reasons because I live in a roommate with a vegetarian, while I continued to eat it at my parents’ house on weekends. But with the pandemic, I decided to cut meat all the time.

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The confinement allowed me to develop an ecological awareness on the importance of short circuits and the environmental but also social consequences of our consumption patterns. I also had more time to cook. And with the advice of my roommate, I immediately knew how to replace animal protein. I do not view this decision as a constraint.

If I want meat, I do not forbid myself completely but I at least check that it comes from France. With too rigid rules, I risk cracking. I don’t want to impose this way of life on those around me either. I prefer to try to convince them rather than criticize them. “


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