Flexcam: Personality, creativity and openness – a distinctive mark of the Galaxy Z Flip4

Through its unique design and flexible FlexCam camera mode, Galaxy Z Flip4 helps users explore unique and vivid perspectives that were almost impossible before.

Express your own personality

Not only excelling with a new and fresh folding design, Galaxy Z Flip4 also helps users become the focus of the crowd with 75 different design color options through a personalized Bespoke Edition.

With support from Samsung, the difference of each user is even more obvious

Ms. Thuy (District 1, Ho Chi Minh City) said: “Z Flip4 Bespoke Edition arrived only 2 weeks from the date of order, sent directly from Korea. Z Flip4 this year is more neutral and balanced. If Like the Z Flip3 there is something a bit too feminine, the Z Flip4 has a more balanced design for both sexes.Moreover, with the Z Flip4’s external screen being larger, I can take advantage of it for decoration. and make more personal impressions.”

FlexCam opens up creative perspectives

As a dynamic young person, Tung (HCMC) loves Galaxy Z Flip4 when the product inspires creativity through frames with “1-0-2”. Taking advantage of the flexible flip-open mechanism of the screen and the vertical camera arrangement, Galaxy Z Flip4 “redefines” completely new viewing angles, rarely seen before.

Turn on the self-timer, then wave your hand in front of the camera and pose. After 5s, the image is automatically taken

If the FlexCam mode of the “elder” Z Fold4 arranges the camera horizontally, suitable for traditional viewing angles, the vertical camera cluster of the Z Flip4 is youthful and modern, suitable for younger people. No need to be complicated, by simply placing the Z Flip4 on the floor, users were able to create new and interesting perspectives, taking advantage of optical effects to stretch objects naturally.

Pro Mode allows users to customize the shutter speed to their liking to “freeze the moment”, creating mesmerizing impressive motion effects

A Samsung representative shared: “Gone are the days of “stereotyping” everything, when manufacturers “force” users to follow the available options. Galaxy Z Flip4 – a product suitable for young users who are increasingly demanding difference and breaking ways.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 Limited Collection – The Flex Mode Collection is the latest fashion release between Samsung x GIA STUDIOS, marking yet another unique fashion release inspired by the Galaxy Z Flip4 device itself.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 version – Flex Mode Collection starts ordering from September 16-30, 2022 with suggested retail price: VND 25,990,000. Collection owners also receive a full set of incentives including:

– 01 set of high-class accessories worth VND 8,000,000

– Instant gift voucher worth VND 2,000,000

– Comes with 1 year Samsung Care+ Extended Warranty package worth VND 4,000,000

– Business class lounge service at the airport

– 0% installment payment via financier or bank credit card

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