Five moments that made the history of the Golden Globes

Upstream of the 78e edition of the ceremony which will open, on the night from Sunday to Monday, the film awards season, a look back at the highlights that have punctuated these Hollywood evenings.

It traditionally opens the American film awards season, the Golden Globes evening has the reputation of setting the tone in Hollywood by first distinguishing the most outstanding series and films of last year. The ceremony usually has its share of surprises, failures, strong or embarrassing moments; so many more or less spontaneous – and more or less watered – sequences which have marked its history for nearly 80 years.

For the first time since their creation in 1944, the Golden Globes will opt this year for a virtual ceremony, presented straddling Beverly Hills and New York; a choice of last resort for the organizers, in a context where the coronavirus pandemic has hit California hard in recent months and where the date of the ceremony has already been postponed.

Given this particular framework, the various artists present at this 78e edition of the ceremony should receive their award via video conference, from the comfort of their living room. A domestic staging that should shine with its sobriety, a thousand miles from the most striking moments of previous editions of the Golden Globes, of which here is a selection.

Ving Rhames’ tribute to Jack Lemmon

In 1998, a Ving Rhames in tears after he had just won the Golden Globe for best actor in a television movie for Don king had insisted that another nominee in his category join him on stage. It was Hollywood icon Jack Lemmon (Some like it hot, Irma the sweet), applauded standing by the room. Supreme homage, Ving Rhames had placed in his hands the Golden Globe he had just received, declaring: “For me, being an artist is giving, and I would like to give you this, Mr. Jack Lemmon“.

Ving Rhames (left) and Jack Lemmon (right) receive the Golden Globe for Best Actor for the TV movie Don King: Only in America at the 55e edition of the Golden Globe Awards at the Beverly Hilton in January 1998, in Beverly Hills (California). HAL GARB / AFP

It was one of the coolest and most enjoyable times of my lifeJack Lemmon replied, trying in vain to return the trophy that belonged to him to Rhames. The Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA), which organizes the event, had finally sent another Golden Globe to the elegant Ving Rhames.

Angelina Jolie dives into a pool

In a much less civilized register, Angelina Jolie has hit the headlines of the 57e Golden Globes ceremony, in 1999, by … taking the plunge. The actress had promised before the party that she would dive in the swimming pool of the Beverly Hilton hotel if she was rewarded.

The inevitable happened. Awarded the prize of “best actress in a mini-series or a TV movie»For his role in Gia – a biopic by Michael Cristofer dedicated to the American top model Gia Carangi, who died of AIDS at 26, in 1986 – Angelina Jolie kept her word. Without holding back either to shoot into the water, with a smile, an overly daring journalist who tried to interview him after his feat.

Faye Dunaway (left) and Angelina Jolie (right) in the TV movie Gia (Michael Cristofer, 1998). The two actresses won a Golden Globe in 1999 for their roles in the biopic. Everett / Bridgeman pictures

Jeremy Renner and the “globesBy Jennifer Lopez

Jeremy Renner, the superhero Hawkeye in the Marvel saga of Avengers , shot one arrow too many with a tacky protrusion unchecked in 2015 while handing over a statuette alongside Jennifer Lopez. When the actress asks him if he wants her to open the envelope with the name of the winner, because she had “nails for», The star of Minesweepers retorted: “and you also have the globes“.

This remark on the chest of his colleague had raised a wave of indignation, many Internet users accusing the actor of having sexually harassed the singer live on TV. Jeremy Renner replied that it was obviously just a joke in the context of the staging of the evening, and that it should not be taken too seriously.

The touching coming out of Jodie Foster

No outrageous behavior for Jodie Foster but a moving speech when the actress received in 2013 an award for all of her work. Everyone that night was hanging on the lips of one of Hollywood’s most low-key stars, who had been reproached by Out Magazine (main gay and lesbian magazine in the United States) not to speak openly about his sexuality.

It seems that I have a strong urge to say something that I have never been able to say in public. But I’m gonna go for it, huh? Strong and proud, eh? And so I’m going to need your support», Said the actress not without difficulty. But in the end, she won’t really come out. “I am single. If it is true. I am single», She launched with laughter and applause, before paying tribute to Cydney Bernard, who had been his companion for many years.

Jodie Foster with her Cecil B. DeMille award at the Golden Globes ceremony in Beverly Hills, January 13, 2013 ROBYN BECK / AFP

The unceremonious year of the Golden Globes

The biggest shock in Golden Globes history isn’t about lewdness, alcohol, or emotion. This is simply the year the ceremony did not take place. In 2008, the HFPA, organizer of these feasts, had decided to cancel the official presentation of the rewards during the great strike of the authors’ union, their comrades actors having made it known that they refused to cross the picket lines, as a sign of solidarity.

Without glitter and without relief, the awards were announced during a simple and dismal press conference. As for the social movement, it ended after three months of a very … Hollywood struggle.


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