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Five films to watch with the family during the holidays

At a time when the 7e art is not really at the party, it is good to console yourself with classics of family cinema to see or review at home before being able to return to discover them in theaters. But how do you choose? On the occasion of the upcoming release of his new comedy, The speech (1), Laurent Tirard played the game of the list of recommendations.

Five feature films selected according to the criteria of a filmmaker with a keen eye for practice, but also those of a cinephile family man faced with tough choices …

“During the famous evenings where we decide to watch a film together, we can spend an hour and a half to find the chosen one who satisfies the tastes of the whole family, without it being the result of a soft consensus” , says Laurent Tirard.

His anthology is dominated by works that know how to entertain while tackling important subjects for young and old: the relations between man and nature, power relations and, of course, the family. Films that transform screens into windows to the world.

► “The Nightmare Before Christmas”, by Henry Selick (1993)

Five films to watch with the family during the holidays

TheéMr. Jack’s strange Christmas is not by Tim Burton but his fingerprints are all over this animated film, of which he is a screenwriter, producer and artistic director. Jack, cursed poet but adored in the land of monsters, who wants to replace Santa Claus, it is a little him, whose beginnings at Disney were chaotic.

The film can be seen by the youngest, if we accompany them. The characters are strange but we project too much of our adult fears on the eyes of children. The little ones go beyond appearances, even if they do not always understand everything. In Tim Burton’s adaptation of Charlie and the chocolate factory, the young audience, amazed by the candy factory, does not necessarily perceive that its owner is a little disturbed… ”

► “Wall-E”, by Andrew Stanton (2008)

Five films to watch with the family during the holidays

“When I was a journalist at Studio, I surprised my colleagues by putting at the top of my favorite films of 1996 Toy story, first feature film from Pixar studios. It marks the beginning of a revolution in animation cinema. Wall-E is, in my opinion, their absolute masterpiece.

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The idea of ​​a love story between two robots is great. There is also a very strong ecological message on the world of tomorrow. I am very impressed with the scripts for Pixar productions: incredibly well written, full of detail, with varying levels of reading to appeal to all ages. “

► “La Folie des grandeurs”, by Gérard Oury (1971)

Five films to watch with the family during the holidays

“Louis de Funès makes everyone agree, all generations combined: the adults who see him again and the children who discover him. In Megalomania, he is at the top of his game. Gérard Oury had the brilliant idea of ​​making Ruy Blas, romantic drama by Victor Hugo, a burlesque comedy.

He thus doubles the impossible idyll between a lackey and the Queen of Spain with a political satire on power and the relationship between rich and poor. There is also the pleasure of the Spanish costume, its green pompoms and strawberries, extravagant collars, sources of many gags. Very underestimated director, Gérard Oury turns it like a western, with music by Michel Polnareff, which pastiche the compositions of Ennio Morricone for Sergio Leone. “

► “Fantastic Mr. Fox”, by Wes Anderson (2010)

Five films to watch with the family during the holidays

“As soon as I saw The Tenenbaum Family (2002), Wes Anderson has become one of my favorite filmmakers. It is not a family film but a melancholy work on a destroyed family. Two other of his feature films are really suitable for a family audience. Moonrise kingdom (2012) is a poetic romance between two 12-year-old children on an island.

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But the one who brings everyone together is Fantastic Mr. Fox, animated adaptation of a children’s novel by Roald Dahl. It’s a fable that children appreciate for its deadpan humor, adults for its nostalgia and polished aesthetic. Each image is full of details, and the framing is neat, so much so that I took screenshots on some shots to study them. “

► “Babe, the pig turned shepherd”, by Chris Noonan (1996)

Five films to watch with the family during the holidays

“It’s a great film that I discovered late and that I often watch with my children. Deeper than it looks Babe addresses the existential questioning of a piglet who wants to free himself from his condition – and incidentally escape his dire fate – by becoming the first shepherd pig.

Beyond the tour de force of staging and its astonishing visual universe, it is a very touching film which reflects on a very topical question: should we eat animals? It triggers complicated and interesting conversations with oneself (I’m not a vegetarian) and with the children. Everyone loves Babe home ! “


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