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First death from Omicron in Israel, elderly died in hospital

Omicron in Israel: The first case of death from Omicron has been reported in Israel. Israeli health officials have confirmed this. On Monday, a 60-year-old man died at Soroka Hospital in the southern city of Birshiba. He was admitted to the hospital two weeks ago.

The person who died already had many diseases. Health officials declined to provide any further information. Israel has banned incoming flights from outside the country and has also banned people from gathering in public places to stop the fast-spreading Omicron.

Prime Minister Neftali Bennett said on Tuesday that he was waiting for a decision by health authorities to give a fourth booster dose to the seriously ill elderly. Israel was among countries that vaccinated their entire population earlier this year and offered booster doses to everyone by the summer. 9.3 million people live in Israel. There have been 8200 deaths due to corona virus here.

At the same time, in the US state of Texas, a patient died of a new omicron of the corona virus, which is the first case of death from this form of infection in the country.

The first case of death from Omicron in the US came on a day when the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said that cases of Omicron are increasing compared to other forms of infection and 73 percent of new cases of infection in the country last week. ‘s have come.


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