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Firing in New York, US, police officer dies

US Shooting: In America, there has been an incident of firing once again. In New York shooting, a police officer has died while one is seriously injured. This shooting incident took place in Harlem, New York. There was a call to the police regarding domestic violence, after which three officers reached there for help. During a conversation with a woman who sought help, an incident of firing took place in which the police officer lost his life. While another officer was seriously injured in this incident.

Police officer killed in shooting in New York

A New York law enforcement officer said on condition of anonymity that the suspect had also been killed in the shooting in Harlem. The officer said that a call had come after around five o’clock in the evening. In which a woman was told the need of help with her son. Following this call, three police officers reached the ground floor apartment on 135th Street. The officer said he spoke to the mother in the front room and then two officers went to the back room where his son was. Meanwhile, the bullets started firing.

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Third incident of firing in 4 days

There is some audio recording of the incident in which an officer was shouting for help. Police were informed that two officers had been shot. The injured officer was admitted to the hospital. Mayor Eric Adams also reached the hospital where officers were taken after the shooting. It is being told that for the third time in four days, the officers have faced an incident of firing in the line of duty.

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